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The God of War experience in a nutshell:

I played GoW for the first time in my life. Shit got real when I reached the Temple of Pandora. I *was* occasionally frustrated before, but... - fuck Poseidon's underwater bullshit challenge - fuck the spinning blades of Hades' challe...


*hugs Far Cry 2* I love you :(

I'm seriously pissed off by Far Cry 2 bashing. It's not a perfect game, but for fuck's sake, most gamers act like it's Turning Point or something! So here's a rant. Please excuse the (again) disjointed ideas and the grammer, I'm cobbling i...


Morality in sandbox games

Let's discuss this topic using four games as examples and minor spoilers: 1. Assassin's Creed - the moral game 2. Saints Row 2 - the imoral game 3. Prototype - the amoral game 4. GTA 4 - the game that tries to be moral, imoral and amoral ...


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