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My Hope for Kinect, or: One Step Closer to a Holodeck


I believe adventure games are a perfect fit for Natal, because they can be heavy on narrative and character interaction. The interaction between Milo and the player is exactly what this genre needs. When thinking over adventure games I am always brought back to the Holodeck episodes of ST: TNG and the episodes where they're playing as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Sherlock Holmes is really a perfect fit for Natal. Tracking your body as you look around for clues, interact with objects (imagine lifting a hanging picture from the wall to find a hidden safe), and more importantly physically speaking with and interrogating other characters. Characters who are able to carry on a fluid conversation (sure it'll never be like the real thing, but better than having 3 options on a screen and choosing the obvious) where you have to dig to get clues. Characters who have agendas and things to hide. There in lies the strength of Natal and whatever successor to it that will come with the next Xbox.

Perhaps a game where you portray an detective in a single interrogation room. The entire game is trying to get a confession or clues out of people as to who committed the crime. You ask questions, you intimidate, you play good cop/bad cop and the AI picks up on that. Everything is verbal. The room itself is undecorated, its just you and the NPC. Technology like what was talked about in this article: http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/215667/the-most-impressive-thing-i-saw-at-e3/ make it possible to tell when you touch a nerve with the character.

Because of this the future needs of game studios is not to be found in graphics, but in AI. As we see today with 3rd party software libraries like SpeedTree, Havok Physics, and other software solutions, we'll be seeing massive 3rd party tools that enable NPCs to talk with players, to understand questions, and generate answers.

While I know that this was another rambling disjointed blog post from me, I hope you all see what I'm getting at, and the potential of this great hobby of ours. It's only a matter of time...
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