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VGA Podcast with Jonathan Holmes and Gregory Edwards

So, as some of you know I have a weekly podcast called Just Another Anime Podcast. What you may NOT know however is that I've had a second podcast in work for a while now, starting January next year. That's a podcast called The Final Battle and it's going to be the weekly podcast for Boss Dungeon, the videogame blog me and a bunch of my friend has started that will also be kicking off for real next year.

However, as is now tradition to me, I recorded a VGA episode. And just like last year I got everyone's favorite Jonathan Holmes to join up with me. Also with me is my common co-host Gregory Edwards. Unfortunately there were technical issues that began occurring about half-way through, and we only had an hour of Jonathan's time to steal, so we weren't able to get to every category the VGA's touched upon, but we hit more than half at least.

Please listen and enjoy us rambling about what we think about the picks and what picks we would have done as well, not to mention the obligatory talk about The Phantom Pain. There's also a great part where Jonathan explains the cool side to NIntendo locking out mature content during daytime on the Wii U eShop.

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http://www.twitter.com/SirTobbii (Tobbii Karlsson)
http://www.twitter.com/Gooney121 (Gregory Edwards)
http://www.twitter.com/TronKnotts (Jonathan Holmes)
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