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Tobbii's Pre-E3 Talk: 10 Gamecube Games I want on WiiU


[Tobbii's Pre-E3 Talk is a new series where I will be talking about things that might become relevant during E3, such as new consoles and etc.]

WiiU is coming out this fall/winter, yaaaay and all that jazz. But here's a sad thing... WiiU can not play Gamecube games, it can play Wii games without any hassle, but those pesky Gamecube titles are a no-no. Because of this, a lot of people are hoping that Nintendo will add Gamecube support for Virtual Console, which sounds very possible.

Let's say that doesn't happen.

Let's say Nintendo goes the HD-rerelease route, sort of like they did with New Play Control, we'll call it the HDcube Collection because of reasons. The HDcube Collection is releasing with ten games in its original release-library. This is my fancy way of saying; this is a top 10 list of Gamecube Exclusive games I want in HD on WiiU. Let's go!

10. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

SNAAAAKE! The original Metal Gear Solid is not my favourite of the franchise, but damn is it good. The remake improved a lot of things in my honest opinion and it's sad that there's no way to play it on the HD systems. I guess the reason it's not in the HD Collection is because of it being a Nintendo exclusive title, so releasing it for WiiU would be a brilliant move!

09. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

The best of the Mario RPG games. Yeah I said it! The Thousand Year Door was funny, original and a great example on how to make a proper sequel, keep what's good, add new things and expand rather than try to recreate the same game all over again. Not to mention that the game is very nice-looking, without a doubt it's the best-looking game using sprites on Gamecube, and that's why I would love to see it in higher definitions.

08. StarFox: Assault

I really liked StarFox: Assault. Yeah, it wasn't the same as StarFox 64 and it wasn't as polished as StarFox: Adventures, but it was really fun! The game had some of the best visuals on Gamecube and was mostly overlooked because of the game adding in ground-combat as a main-feature. Here's the thing though, the ground-combat was actually good. Not only would a HD re-release give it another chance that it deserves, it would also show how good a 8 year old game can look with a simple re-touch.

07. Super Mario Sunshine

It's a me, obligatory mention-io! Super Mario Sunshine is my favourite 3D Mario, probably because it didn't try to be Super Mario 64 Part 2 but actually tried some new stuff. The large stages, the great visuals and the amazingly catchy soundtrack are just a few of the reasons this game deserves another go. Okay sure, Bowser's voice-actor was a bad choice, but no game is perfect. Super Mario Sunshine is the only Mario game on this list and damn is it a perfect candidate.

06. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Here's a fun fact on me. As you probably know I collect horror videogames and spend most of my time playing horror videogames, so naturally Eternal Darkness is on this list... Except I don't really like the game that much. Weird huh? I really hate the controls and combat in Eternal Darkness, I could never get a hold of it and it always gets in the way. My sollution? I'll watch my girlfriend play the game instead and then I love it. The story is great, the twists are great, the visuals are... Okay. But it still deserves a HD port. So I can watch it again.

05. Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles

Probably the least expected game on this list. I liked the original Crystal Chronicles a lot, but the main issue was the GBA stuff. With WiiU and the possibility of Wi-Fi, the multiplayer has a chance to actually work! And the game looks pretty damn good, so it should look even better in HD. Seriously, this is one of the most logical WiiU ports of the Gamecube games. Get on it Square-Enix!

04. F-Zero GX

I'm gonna be perfectly honest. The only reason I have this on the list is because I'm stating to doubt we'll ever get a proper F-Zero sequel, so you know what? I at least want a port! F-Zero GX is another one of the very pretty Gamecube games that could easily still look good in modern times if the definitions are fixed and the HUD is redrawn. If this doesn't happen I wonder if we'll ever see another F-Zero game, but I've written an entire post about that so let's move on.

03. StarFox: Adventures

Another StarFox game you say? Fuck yeah. StarFox: Adventures is the most underrated Rare game ever made, it's one of the better Zelda clones and it's so pretty you could stab your eyes out at the details. This was released in the early months of the Gamecube and is possibly one of the prettiest games of the entire generation. And that's not even talking about the actual gameplay that's great as well, it's fun and varied and the story even is a bit original. Truly a masterpiece that people overlook far too often because "STARFOX SHOULD NOT BE ON THE GROUND!!".

02. Luigi's Mansion

Nope, this is not a Mario game, it's a Luigi game. I love Luigi's Mansion, I think I've replayed it as late as this year even. It's smart, it's funny and it's the most underrated Nintendo game of all time. With a sequel (fucking finally) being released on the Nintendo 3DS this year it would make sense for Nintendo to give newcomers a chance to play the original game. Using the WiiU controller as the Gameboy Horror would be pretty cool as well. But please oh please Nintendo, do not make us aim the vacuum cleaner with the gyro, you did for the Luigi's Mansion 2 demo I tried, and it sucks... No pun intended.

01. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

You all knew this was coming. You all know why this was coming. Hell, most of you voted for this game yourself when I asked on twitter for suggestions! The Wind Waker is the best-aged game from last generation when it comes to visuals, even today The Wind Waker looks great and if you've seen any of the emulated HD screenshots you know that it can look even better. Seriously, it should be illegal for a game to look this good. And yes, I realize I picked my #1 entirely on visuals alone, I don't care, it deserves it. It's that pretty. With that said, it's also one of the best Zelda games ever.


Now, as I mentioned, these are only exclusive games, so no Metroid Prime or Resident Evil (2003) as they were both released for Wii and will be playable on the WiiU without the HDcube Collection. But hey, you've seen my picks, but I also asked on twitter and got quite a few responses, here they are!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - 7 Votes
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - 2 Votes
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg - 1 Vote
F-Zero GX - 1 Vote
Star Wars - Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader - 1 Vote
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