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The Posters of Podtoid

Hello friends! As some of you know through twitter or comments on Podtoid posts, I've started making posters based on the various movie pitches to Willem DaFoe that Jim and Jonathan tend to spew out now and then. Thought I would share them here for those who hadn't seen them and at the same time explain some of my thinking behind them, even though most of them did not require too much of it.

Double Brothers (aka. Twins 2)

It's hillarious how Jim announced his plans for Double Brothers only weeks from Schwarzenegger announcing his own plans for a sequel to Twins. The poster was simple, I just took the original Twins poster, brushed out the original logo and sky, replaced it and made a new logo. I simply pasted DaFoe's face on to Arnolds body, which was simple enough with some colour correction. The tagline was obviously a reference to Devito and DaFoe swinging dicks together.


Being John Malkovich II: District DaFoe

This one was tricky. I was making it as I was listening to the episode (Something I began doing for most of these) and to this day I can't decide if the giant metal DaFoe head is the screaming city or one of the robot clones. Either way it works. The final touch I did for this one was the falling man mutating, the silhouette is from the boxart of MYST, it was not until I had done that I felt this was worth releasing, it's probably the most popular one based on feedback.


Look Who's Talking IV: Baby's Day Out To Hell in 3D

I think this was Jim's favourite at the time, one of the easier ones I made to be honest. I made this while watching Anti-Christ which made it very weird and because of this I decided that Virgillio Armandio had to be the director for this fine piece of abstract art. The website was a nice touch even though I messed it up by writing 'mums' instead of 'wifes'. But nothing is perfect.


Willem DaFoe's Escape from New York

I just replaced all the visible faces on the Escape from New York poster with DaFoe... Yup.


Zappedł (aka. Zapped! 3 or Zapped Cubed)

This is the one I like the least, but took the most work. The logo was made entirely from scratch but still based closely enough to the original Zapped logo to keep the style consistent. I did not like the picture I had of DaFoe, but it was the most hi-res one of him properly screaming that I could find in time. The papers flying could have had more work done on it, I will honestly admit that I kind of gave up on this and just tried to make it presentable because I didn't want to disappoint people after I had said I was working on it.



My favourite. This one I just finished, I loved making the small silhouettes sitting on the raft wearing fish-tanks, I loved directly quoting Jim on how to build the raft and overall the concept was too good to pass up. I decided to go with Sagat Jonathan just because he looked more sci-fi'ish that way. Also, I got the best compliment on it possible from Jim; "Can't stop laughing.". To me, this was exactly what I needed after a crappy day.


GALLERY LINK http://sirtobbii.deviantart.com/favourites/48941164

So there you have it, the Podtoid posters I made. Hope you guys like them, they were a blast to make!
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