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The Lost Resident Evil: Resident Evil Portable


One extra blogpost in this series! Hooray!

Resident Evil Portable was announced at E3 2009 during Sony's Press Conference as a exclusive game coming to PSP. It was to be a completely new game, not a port or a remake, taking advantage of the PSP at its best. As you probably realize, since it's the concept of this series, the game never saw the light of day. Based on the announcement we could assume that it was being developed by a American or European studio with it being announced as "Resident Evil" and never even mentioned or shown with a "Biohazard" logo.

We also see silhouettes in the announcement hinting towards Zombies, they're seemingly walking through a city. The street is seemingly made out of concrete and the buildings have a yellow tone to them. In the background there's a grey nothing-ness, it looks more like Silent Hill than it does your average Resident Evil environment.

And then, one year later. We got nothing. It was never mentioned again. What happened? Well some people guessed that the game eventually became Resident Evil: Revelations... ...but that was shot down by the developers. Some people guess that it was moved to Vita... ...but Capcom has no team working on a Resident Evil game for Vita as far as we know. So what happened to it? Well...

...Ehm... ...I guess they... Ehh... Forgot about it? I'm serious, NOTHING has been mentioned about the game since the announcement, no cancellation, no acknowledgement not even any leaks from excited developers with too much free time on their hands. Nothing. For all we know, development may never had even started on it. So why would I bring this up to begin with? What made me decide to write something on this game? What did I discover that is so amazing that I needed to tell you all about it?

...Nothing, I just felt like wasting your time on the 1st of April.

...although I guess the joke is on me since I had to sit down and write this while Destructoid wanted to transform into OkDtoid all the time.


Bad jokes aside, let me be serious here for a bit.

Next week I will not be very active on Dtoid or anything of the like, I'm playing through every Silent Hill game in preparation for my Silent Hill week (the week after next week) which I'll be reviewing every Silent Hill game from Silent Hill to Shattered Memories, I'm also working on preparing the campaign for my roleplay-group. So, thanks for taking your time to scroll past my ramblings and read this.

I also just uploaded a new Let's Play where I play Silent Hill while trying to kill the minimal amount of enemies possible, the sound is terrible on it, something I've fixed in preparation for the next part, sorry about that, but even if you don't want to listen to terrible audio on a let's play, please check out the art I did for it, you don't even need to start he video for that: http://sirtobbii.blogspot.se/search/label/silent%20hill%20homecoming

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