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So... That Silent Hill Week...

Hey guys and gals! As you may have heard on my Twitter, my Let's Plays or even in my latest blogpost, I'm working on something I call the Silent Hill week.

The week will basically be seven days of reviews, more precisely:

Day 1 - Silent Hill
Day 2 - Silent Hill 2
Day 3 - Silent Hill 3
Day 4 - Silent Hill 4: The Room
Day 5 - Silent Hill: Origins
Day 6 - Silent Hill: Homecoming
Day 7 - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Now, this was planned for next week (Monday the 9th to Sunday the 15th) but I'm going to have to move it forward another week. Personal Stuff (Very Personal Stuff) got in the way along with the fact that I'm hosting a roleplaying-campaign this week so I've been focusing on that. Basically, I have three games left to finish out of the seven and I can take my time to do that in the coming week.

- - -

"But Tobbii you pompous asshat, why are you not reviewing HD Collection and Downpour like you promised?"

Don't worry, I am. I've not finished Downpour yet and I'm only halfway finished with HD Collection at the moment. The reason they're not part of the week is because the week is meant to lead up to the current events, the two games at hand that is. Hell, Konami used to (wrongfully and stupidly) call "Silent Hill: Downpour" "Silent Hill 8" for some damn reason, makes no sense since Homecoming was called SH5 in development but would be the 6th game if they count like that, but Konami being morons is not really news.

So basically, not next week, but the week after, I'm going to do 7 reviews of the console-released Silent Hill games prior to 2012, sounds fun? I hope so. Will they be text-reviews or video-reviews? I don't know yet, depends on how much time I get to spend on them I guess.

Thanks for being so patient with me even though I'd already delayed this one week.

P.S: In case you absolutely need to know before you make the purchase, I've played 6 hours of Downpour so far, half main-quest/half side-questing. So far, I'm loving it. I can't promise I'll like it in the end, but as of now, I recommend buying it. But be warned, maybe everything but those 6 hours are like getting lit on fire or something.
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