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Patch Adams Two (Posters of Podtoid)

Doing a pause in my pre-E3 talk (more is coming) to give you the latest Poster of Podtoid!

Oh boy, this one was A LOT of fun.

I had the concept ready from the get-go, I wanted DaFoe flying out of an arsehole, I later ditched the butt part because a full-body flying DaFoe was just so awesome I had to show all of him. The bum instead ended up the cause of the lensflare for this poster. I liked making the black oily cancer as well, too bad it's not an audible medium so we can hear it scream and moan.

I took some liberties with Nicolas Cage playing the 8 year old kid, rather than drawing a kids smiley face on Cage's head I just took his face and placed it on an actual 8 year old, because unlike Jim I DO have the money for that CGI. Ryan Reynolds as Dracula was the last 'character' I did for the poster.

If you look at the bottom of the poster you can see a silhouette of four marching men, these are Weird Al's men as seen by their pigs-snouts placed on their gas-masks. Speaking of Weird Al, I named him "Yank-A-Dick" in the bottom credits because I thought it was funny while I was tired.

Well, that was all for this week... OR MAYBE NOT!?

Yeah, IF I have some free time for it later tomorrow I might make a poster for Hellraiser 10 based on Jim's Xenobite concept for the trio, but I can not promise that as of yet.

Complete Podtoid Poster Set
Original DeviantArt Link (Higher Quality)
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