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Hey, want another "The Lost" series?


Back during spring this year I did a blog-series called "The Lost Resident Evil" where every week I'd look at a cancelled Resident Evil game or a Resident Evil game that was heavily changed mid-development.

It was fairly successful and I figured that it could be fun to do a new one, but I'm out of Resident Evil games.

So basically, I'm now asking you guys what series I should tackle, or maybe if you'd prefer me to just tackle some random games. Write me a comment down below or tweet me at SirTobbii. I guess I should point out that since cancelled videogames is one of my favourite things to read up about, I hopefully will know of any game you suggest or want to know about, if not I'll do my best to read up on it.

So yeah, do you guys want one?

Week 1: Resident Evil 2 (1.5)
Week 2: Resident Evil (GBC) + Resident Evil 2 (GBA Tech Demo)
Week 3: Resident Evil Zero (N64)
Week 4: Resident Evil 4 (Devil May Cry)
Week 5: Resident Evil 4:(The Last Resident Evil)
April Fools: Resident Evil: Portable

P.S: The header is concept art for the fifth Alone in the Dark game which I DO have information on if you'd want me to tackle it along with at least one other AitD game that I know of.

P.S II: I will not be doing Resident Evil: Revelations, here's the full story. Capcom made a trailer with a fake story to test the 3DS then made a full game because people liked it, it's not a "early version".
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