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Final Fantasy VII - PC Re-Release (A Warning)

Don't buy this, please, I did.

This new 9,99 EUR priced PC version of Final Fantasy VII is something I was looking forward to, because I played the PC version released by Eidos in the 90s and was looking forward to playing FF7 on PC with proper audio and such.


This is a port of the Eidos verison. Even the company logos are the same video file. Also, midi music.

Also, the game sports "Enhanced graphics" (hah!), let me show you them by posting 4 screenshots using the different settings:

Okay, here's the settings shown in these 4 screenshots:

Screenshot A
Widescreen (aka. Stretched to fit...)
Linear Filtering
Screenshot B
Linear Filtering
Screenshot C
No Settings
Screenshot D
Original Graphics Mode (aka. Native scaling)


So, any good news about this DRM version of a 15+ year old Eidos port? ... It has a window mode now. Hooray. So much for me hoping we'd get real ports of the PSX games to PC.

I should mention that there is ONE more possible good thing, the lack of changing discs, but I bet you the disc change screens will be intact somehow forcing you to go through menus to get it to work or something... I'll see when I get there.
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