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E3 Podcast: 'Miyamoto is a Dick'


So here it is, the test-episode for me and Gregory Edward's E3 Podcast. This episode we take a look at Konami's pre-E3 conference, the recent announcements and reveal our own hopes and expectations for E3 2012. Here us talk Metal Gear, Castlevania, Tomb Raider, Rebooting Franchises and a probably very-very fake Final Fantasy XV rumour.

Remember that we love questions, comments, thoughts, predictions and all that jazz when it comes from YOU as well! So write a comment below or hit us up on Twitter to lend us your thoughts for the next episode of the E3 Podcast! And don't forget to play your game of E3 Bingo, details explained in the episode. Listen below...

I will apologize ahead of time for my lisp in this episode, my mouth is full of blisters and it hurts to talk. Sorry about that.

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