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Double Feature! (Posters of Podtoid)

Since it was such a while ago since I made any posters (Sorry, I'm going to school now and get home late.), I decided to make two from this weeks Podtoid. So here you guys go.

Here's the first one I did, a sequel to my old Jonathan Holmes: Attorney at Law poster. Because, why the hell not? Either way, the next one was the one I reeeeaaally wanted to do...

Oh fuck yes, this was fun... Apart from the part where I had to search for a body to put Jim's face and the loincloth on.

So yeah, I'll be uploading these to DeviantArt later when I feel like it, if you want to see the old posters I did, here they are:

Hey, wanna follow me on twitter? If so, here I am:
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