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Diablo and Error #37 (Posters of Podtoid)

I didn't upload a poster last week, because no matter what I did I could not make a good "The Crucifixion of Mary J. Blige" poster, I really-really tried, but it was awful. Sorry. BUT NOW I AM BACK!

This was fun to do though fairly simple, I had a concept from the get-go and finished it before the Podtoid episode was even over I think. The font I used in the logo is the original 2004 FarCry font, I liked the idea of having a nuclear symbol to emphasize how dangerous and horrible the Errors of Diablo III is. I originally wanted the hands of Diablo to come out of the laptop and try to grab DaFoe, but it didn't come out right and became a bit cluttered. The hard poster this week was the second one...

Because it just wouldn't come together, originally it featured Brendan Fraser as The Warrior, Nicolas Cage as The Magician and Chloe G. Moretz as The Ranger. But in the end I dumped Fraser because he sucks and has no good images to use. DaFoe as Diablo was fun to do even if it's hard to see that it's him now that he's bald and has glowing eyes, but hey, shit happens. The poster is a bit empty, but I think it turned out fun in the end, the logo was fun to do since I recreated it from the original Diablo logo (looks much better than the Diablo 3 logo IMO) and had some fun with effects on it.

That's it for this week of Posters of Podtoid, and make sure you listen to the latest Podtoid episode, it's fun and Jonathan Holmes announces a new video-series at the end which I'm heavily involved with.

As always, if you want to see all posters, you can find them here:
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