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PC and Gaming industry news 28/9/09

Today's blog is brought to you by FUCKING NO ONE! I don't give a crap about sponsorship this time! It doesn't deserve any sponsor! After I'm writing this blog imma find a way to make it not show up on my screen ever again! That's how horrible the news are! Sigh... even writing this makes my brains hurt! Ok let's get this over with before I'll do something I'll regret like go on a mass murder or even worse... get a real job... The horror...

Assassin Creed 2 PC - Delayed

Warning: The following paragraph contains a lot of foul language and bad jokes. If you find this offensive in any way then you can go STRAIGHT TO HELL BECAUSE I DON'T CARE! I HATE YOU ALL!

On another note... THE NEW 'I LOVE SINOTEK' T-Shirts ARE OUT! BUY THEM NOW! You know you want 2...




I swear to god I am tempted to pirate Ass Creed 2 now just to get back to them for doing this kind of crap.

So yeah... Ubisoft has announced that the PC version of Assassin's Creed II will now ship in first quarter 2010. The company explained its reasoning, saying the game needed extra development time to deliver the best quality game.' WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT! You know what? Fine, quality, whatever. IF I FIND 1 BUG IN THE PC VERSION... 1 FUCKING BUG... SOMEBODY WILL PAY EVEN MORE THEN NOW!!

But yeah, that's just the PC version. GOD FORBIDS A CONSOLE VERSION DELAY! Bastards....

Fuck you Ubisoft... Fuck you... In all honesty, jokes aside, I'm genuinely pissed off. At least have the balls to admit that it's cuz of piracy and not some bullshit like 'Polish the game'. Sigh... You know what? I hate Ubisoft more then EA now! That's right! EA is now my 2nd most hated game company! CONGRATULATION UBISOFT, I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!

Borderlands PC - Delayed

Just 1 week delay this time... Still annoying though.
The PC version of the game Borderlands is now sliding back from its original release date of October 20 in North America to October 26. The international version of the PC game will slide back further to October 30. The North American PS3 and 360 versions of the game will be unaffected, and the international versions for the PS3 and 360 will still ship on October 23.

2K Games were asked for an explanation on the slight delay for the game, and Charlie Sinhaseni, Senior PR Manager said (And I bet you can guess the reason yourself): 'We're optimizing the PC version which takes a few days longer than expected. Borderlands for PC will ship on October 26th.'

-Translation: We're pussies just like Ubisoft and we're scared from PC piracy so we're releasing it 1 week later!

-A more accurate translation: We're idiots.

Blur - Delayed

Well at least it's not just the PC version this time but all these delays are fucking annoying...
Activision's has decided to delay its upcoming arcade style races, called 'Blur' to 2010. The company says this move will allow the development team, Bizarre Creations, more time to work on the game's innovative multiplayer.

Mike Griffith, President and CEO, Activision Publishing had this to say: 'We are committed to making Blur a great new racing franchise, and we are very encouraged by the game's design. The additional time will allow the studio to fully optimize the vision they set out to create for Blur including a distinctive and groundbreaking multiplayer mode that will appeal to a broad audience.'

So yeah another company is scared that Modern Warfare 2 will screw their sales up so they moved it to 2010. I'm not even gonna comment on this anymore... Smart move, not smart, whatever...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Pripyat - Delayed

I wanna kill someone...
The German publisher BitComposer has pushed the release of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sequel Call of Pripyat to Q1 2010. Call of Pripyat had been marked for an autumn launch. The company's website confirms (via VG247) the new date, plus showing the relatively painless system requirements for the PC game.

Some background info about the game:
Call of Pripyat continues where the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. campaign left off, sending you, a Ukranian special agent, into the Chernobyl disaster area to investigate why a government mission to secure the zone has failed and no troops have returned.

Mechanically, A-life has been improved, and developer GSC has handmade 70 new quests in an effort to abolish the random nature of the first game.

I was actually waiting for this game... Damnit...

Here are the System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements

* Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz / AMD XP 2200
* 512 MB RAM
* 128 MB DirectX 8.0 compatible card / nVIDIA GeForce 5700 / ATI Radeon 9600

Recommended System Requirements

* Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 / AMD 64 X2 5600
* 2 GB RAM
* 512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card / nVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon HD 4850

Left 4 Dead 2 - Banned in AU

Well, The Australian Classifications Board is at it again. They refuse to rate Left 4 Dead 2 due to its intense graphic violence, which disallows the title from being sold on store shelves across the country. This sucks for AU people... Stupid Board..

Valve recently said that they were disappointed with the ruling, saying that: 'It would be a shame if folks in Australia, or anywhere else, are unable to purchase Left 4 Dead 2 because of a ratings issue.'

Well AU people, don't get your faces down yet, because Valve is working on fixing this to ensure you will be able to enjoy this game along with everyone else!

Oh and just in case you're wondering, the original Left 4 Dead was rated 'MA 15 ' by the Board. I guess the sequel is more brutal... Awesome!

Valve also sent along an update of all the ratings from different countries and regions:


PEGI (continental Europe) - 18

ESRB (North America) - M

CERO (Japan) -Z (corresponds to Mature in US)

IFCO (Ireland) - Approved the title for classification.

USK (Germany) - 18

Singapore - Mature 18

FPB (South Africa) - 18

KGRB (Korea) -18


OLFC New Zealand - In progress.

BBFC (UK) - In progress.

OFLC Australia - Refused to rate on September 19. Appealed September 23.

BioShock 2 Gets a Release Date

2K Games has revealed that BioShock 2 will be released worldwide on February 9, 2010.

BioShock 2 was originally scheduled for release this year but was pushed back into 2010 to 'provide additional development time for the title' and 'deliver what its fans expect and deserve'. So yeah, same reason as the rest. 2K are pussies who fear Modern Warfare 2.

Some background info about the game:
Set ten years after the events of the first game, BioShock 2 sees players return to underwater dystopia Rapture, this time stepping into the hulking boots of the iconic Big Daddy. This follow-up marks not only the debut of ninja-quick Big Sisters but also a fully-featured multiplayer component, developed alongside the solo game by Digital Extremes.

BioShock 2 will be released on PC, Xbox360 and PS3, for now, at the same time. But I bet my ass that they'll delay the PC version like the rest. I'm sure of it. Just wait and see.

Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising Announced

THQ has announced the next installment in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, called 'Chaos Rising'. This next standalone chapter is scheduled for release on Games For Windows LIVE in spring 2010.

Set in the grim, war-ravaged world of Games Workshop's vast Warhammer 40,000 science fiction universe, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Chaos Rising transports you into the midst of an intergalactic war between ancient enemies.

Continue the single player campaign from the original Dawn of War II with all new Wargear and a level cap raise from 20 to 30 for your Blood Raven squad. Veterans of the Dawn of War II single player campaign can use their existing squads' accumulated wargear, abilities and experience to battle the traitorous Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion throughout 20 new missions. Powerful new Chaos-tainted wargear can also be equipped and used against your enemy, but doing so could lead to dreadful consequences.

The Chaos Space Marines will also be playable as a brand new army in multiplayer. Other multiplayer additions include new units for Orks, Eldar, Tyranids and Space Marines, as well as new multiplayer maps.

Sounds pretty cool. I actually like this series, so I hope it'll be good.

The Witcher 2 - Confirmed

The recent release of a confidential, internal video from CD Projekt has confirmed that the company is working on a sequel to the popular action RPG, The Witcher. The new game, The Witcher 2, subtitled: Assassins of Kings, is currently being shopped around to publishers, which is how the video found its way onto the net.

The new video shows off a number of the technical improvements and a brand new engine, including better normal and parallax mapping and improved lighting elements. It also includes a new dialogue and camera system that, based on the video, shows a much more cinematic view of the interactions. Player behavior will have a significant impact this time around, both for good and for bad, and the NPCs will be driven by their own agendas which could make them for or against Geralt.

Combat now includes more dynamic and bloody finishing moves with loads of physics based action. The movie showed Geralt flinging enemies off a high plateau in a scene that reminds us a lot of great games like Jedi Knight.

Since the video's release the developers have come out and made a few official comments on it, explaining that the version shown in the video is a very early alpha which doesn't showcase all the technical improvements, include final voices and reveals none of the compelling story.

Since the game is so early in development and has, as yet, no confirmed publisher, CD Projekt declined to offer a release date. The company also cautioned gamers not to expect much in the way of further information or momentum saying that none of that will happen 'very soon.'

The game has definitely been confirmed for PC and CD Projekt affirmed that it wants to release a console version once a publisher is selected.

Well I didn't like the previous game for some reason, so hopefully I'll like this 1 better.

Ninja Blade - Coming to PC

Well at least not all PC news are grim today.
Russian publisher ND Games has said it will bring From Software's action game Ninja Blade to PC this October.

Released for Xbox 360 earlier this year, Ninja Blade is a mad combination of extreme violence, quick-time events, on-rails sequences and platforming that even Master Categoriser Kieron Gillen struggled to pin down in our review.

Basicly from what I heard it's a fest of quick time events. But it's ok with me. Quick time events can be fun sometimes if done properly.

Battlefield Heroes Hits 2 Million

EA (Who is now not my most hated game company. Good job Ubisoft. You made it) today announced that Battlefield Heroes, the free online third-person shooter, has reached 2 million registered players. With endless hours of signature Battlefield sandbox action, Battlefield Heroes is EA's latest web-based free to download, free to play title which generates revenue through advertising and in-game item sales. To celebrate this milestone, on September 30, EA will release a free 'Heroes of the Fall' update for the game, including a brand new map.

Set against the backdrop of autumn colors, the new map will be infantry-focused and set in a village with dozens of intersecting canals. Intense battles will play out on the bridges and crossings, while sneaky players can use the alleyways and channels to move unnoticed for sudden flanking maneuvers and rear-guard actions.

Starting today, EA is accepting proposed names for the new map at Players can submit a proposed name for the soon-to-be released map, and that name may be selected by the Battlefield Heroes development team.

Ben Cousins, General Manager, Battlefield Heroes team said: 'Along with this new map, 'Heroes of the Fall' includes a slew of changes including upgrades of the Gunner class and improvements to the friends system. We've also added a brand new ranking system for the game - players can earn cool new titles for their heroes as they play - showing everyone on the battlefield how dedicated they are.'

I should really check this game out someday. I forgot to do it until now.

The Game That Deletes Your Files For Real!

So yeah, a game which was created by New York City-based digital artist Zach Gage provides you with a Lose/Lose situation. Hence the name of the game 'Lose/Lose'. It gives you real-world consequences to the now mundane act of blasting aliens.

The premise is both simple and paradoxical. Here's how it works: You're a spaceship captain on a quest to kill attacking aliens. Kill them all without dying, and you win. But for each alien you kill, a file on your computer is deleted. If you are killed, the game itself is destroyed. Yes, you heard me right. You kill 1 alien and as a result of it 1 of the files on your PC gets deleted...

SERIOUSLY, do not play this game. It will REALLY permanently destroy files on your computer. This is not a joke.

Lose/Lose procedurally generates the aliens from files on your computer. So essentially, you are creating the game from your personal files and destroying them one by one. In other words, you're killing things that are real in order to succeed in killing things that are fake. Well... PC files aren't exactly real... but you get the point.

Here's a description from a player who played this game (Yeah, I didn't test it myself. Fuck it, I'm not risking my porn collectio... ahem I mean my National Geographic episode collection!):

Although touching aliens will cause the player to lose the game, and killing aliens awards points, the aliens will never actually fire at the player.

Too precious to risk.
This calls into question the player's mission, which is never explicitly stated, only hinted at through classic game mechanics. Is the player supposed to be an aggressor? Or merely an observer, traversing through a dangerous land?

Why do we assume that because we are given a weapon an awarded for using it, that doing so is right?

By way of exploring what it means to kill in a video-game, Lose/Lose broaches bigger questions. As technology grows, our understanding of it diminishes, yet, at the same time, it becomes increasingly important in our lives. At what point does our virtual data become as important to us as physical possessions? If we have reached that point already, what real objects do we value less than our data? What implications does trusting something so important to something we understand so poorly have?

There are more than 35 entries in the High Score section of the Lose/Lose website, ranging from 1 to 4,294,967,295 aliens killed. These are either brave and reckless souls, or tech-savvy gamers who've found a way to play without losing files they actually care about. Unless you fall into the latter category, don't try this one at home.

Wow I wonder who's the poor soul who got 4,294,967,295 files deleted lol. That gotta suck. But this game gives us an interesting look to what can be the future. Virtual action that effect real life. Very interesting...


Thank god this blog is over. Now if you excuse me... I got a list of names that needs to be marked off! I'm coming Ubisoft... I'm COMING! Oh, but please make sure you have some food around, because after mass murdering I get REALLY hungry, thanks!

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