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R.I.P. Wii week from Brawl.

So..I mailed in my Wii one time, no problem..right? I got it back in a little under a month. I can continue to stare at it for lack of games.

I turned it on here and there to make sure the little white box was still working..and it was.

or so I thought.

I went to play some Rogue Squadron, cause I recently found it, and/or SSBM for the simple fact I need to brush up before Tuesday hits when BAM!!!

"An Error has occured, we can't read any of your discs and you must once again mail in your stupidass wii to nintendo and wait another month for a broken wii"

I don't get it..I have NEVER had troubles with a nintendo product until now. maybe it doesn't work for the simple fact I never play it and some dust monster comes in and destroys the lens..I dunno. All whopping 3 games that were worth buying I've already beat..

I've been having pleasant dreams about brawl and now I can't even play the damn thing for a month unless I decide to either

a) rent a wii
b) steal my parents' wii and hope they don't notice.

in the meantime, Dtoiders..what do you suggest I do to preoccupy myself while I wait to play brawl for another month?

killing myself is not an option. shameless plug for myself.

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