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Lessons from gaming history: Sony at E3

Sony's getting a lot of credit for its phenomenal showing at E3 last night. It's worth it to note, however, that this isn't Sony's first rodeo--and they've had some big wins at E3 before. In fact, their success last night eerily mirrors a v...


Games you've never played: Lost Eden

Here�s a game I�m willing to bet that none of you have encountered before: Lost Eden. I�ve been thinking an awful lot lately about my youth as a gamer, partly in response to reading Steven Kent�s excellent history of the game industry (T...


The messy genius of Metal Gear Solid 3

I have so many issues with Snake Eater that I probably should hate it. Instead, I have a deep affection for Kojima's bizarre, talky Cold War saga. I'm certain that I shouldn't have warm and fuzzy feelings for a game that made me roll my e...


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