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PS3: Destructoid Edition

Since I keep dragging my PS3 into uni on a frequent basis, to make use of the HD screens and to obviously not work, the PS3 is getting a little scratched and battered. Now having had stickers on the PSP and various other consoles, I thoug...


Euro PS3 FNF: Burnout Bikes Edition

Since nobody seems to have mentioned Euro PS3 FNF, I thought I'd have a crack at sorting stuff out for once. Anyway, it's that time of week once again – FNF!. This week saw the release of the much anticipated 'Bikes' patch for Burnout...


Destructoid Invades The Download Festival!

Recently, BunnyRabbit2 and myself made a trip to the excellent Download Festival located at the spiritual home of rock music in England - Donington Park. Much fun was had, vast amounts of beers were consumed and of course, many band...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

It might be a little late buts it's taken till now to get hold of a working camera. Thats the main rig and next to it the sub-woofer for the surround sound. The spec for the system is as follows: AMD 64 4200+ X2 Asus A8N-SLI Motherboar...


Old Video Game Music

Music has always been a part of video games, and some of the older stuff is among the best. Recently I've been listening to some of the music so that I can figure out how to play the stuff on guitar. This presents a problem if the game...


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