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Gaming Milestone (sort of)

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his Gamerscore?.....


After noticing my GS being around 8500 and having recently seen the most excellent DBZ Abridged series on YouTube, I thought I'd go for this special number
after weeks of meticulous planning, I managed to hit the magic number of 9001. What really helped me here for the achievements from Forza 2 worth just 1 and 2 points.
I'm pretty proud of the milestone just because of the work I put into making sure that I got this right, had I have gone to 9002, I would have been in a foul mood for weeks, but since I have this number, I'll be celebrating later on during FNF.
I should probably provide some evidence of this milestone, but since my SD card slot on the computer is broken, I'll have to make do with a picture of my gamerscore card thing before it changes to a new number, although it is tempting to keep this GS for a while.

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