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Happy Christmas everybody. Or I guess happy soon to be Christmas


Guys. Switch souls. Dark switch. Dark souls. Dark souls. Fuck fatigue. Remake dark souls might be announced on Dec.15. The switch is already my most played console this year (maybe second I'm not sure how much I played my ps4 honestly) and this will


Guys, today has been pretty good. My day at work was pretty normal/mostly good, my coworkers invited me out, my other sister and mom are coming down, and (bestly) xenoblade 2 is waiting for me at my house right now! Pretty decent 24th birthday.


Never forget that yugioh gx not only has a dueling monkey, but it's named after Joey. Truly this is the epitome of anime


I hope I linked that right. Happy thanksgiving guys


I can't post images right now, so I guess I'll shitpost with words. How presidential of me.


Skye in came out 6 years ago today, and it's mediocrity will never fade


I can't believe I posted the same thing twice


I seem to post more when I'm in a bad mood. That's what I've learned today.


Is it weird that the switch has become one of my favorite consoles despite the fact that I only have 4 full games on it?


You guys don't like my puns about 80's anime huh? How about this?


I don't even care about spacey, I just like memes


I had trainees today, for some reason


Is twilight princess still hated by the Zelda community?


It's the cinnamon man's birthday? Fuck. Happy birthday to the best dtoid user


This has been brought to you by walmart


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