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BoB: Making of a Hero / "Henshin!"

Boxman's farewell prompt to the band of bloggers deal asked a very good question. What makes a heroic character ... heroic? I've been thinking a lot about this question, even before it came up. Hard to write any stories if the thought ...


Character through Quote: Gaige the Mechromancer

Warning: If for whatever reason you have not yet played Borderlands 2, this contains spoilers for aspects of Gaige's character. It is also an analysis of a very complicated mind, so read with caution. As a series, Borderlands has had a...


Character through Quote: Zer0

Fans of any media franchise are known for nothing if not being meticulous in recording information of the media they love, and fans of Borderlands are no different. While the series is understandably divisive for its gameplay mechanics...


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Hello, my name is Silva, for this purpose anyway.

I've been writing and drawing in some form for most of my life, though with periodic hiatuses as my motivation waxes and wanes.

If you have questions, I'm most likely willing to answer them, and I'm virtually always willing to provide constructive criticism (or receive it).

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