NE: Are we going to pretend Mario didnt just get murdered?

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At 23 years past the day I splattered unceremoniously into this existence, I am a wanderer seeking refuge in arguably the most boring town in creation (likely hyperbole, but fuck you I said it.) as I make my way, both financially and educationally, towards my goals in the industry. My companions to date are a dog that hasn't and likely won't figure out that he is in fact a dog, and a girl has proven to be my arch-nemesis and best friend at the same time. (When it's a regular occurrence that you load up a save file and find that your significant other has stashed all of your gear in a box behind X, where X is anything between a duo of angry bears to a legion of the undead, to name but one inconvenient scenario, you will know what this paradox feels like)

Depending on who you ask, I am either an upstanding gentleman, and a purveyor of kindness and compassion, or a cynical tequila fueled war-machine that wants to raze the majority of sentient life into oblivion. If you ask me, there's a good chance the answer you get will have absolutely nothing to do with the original query.

I enjoy participation in combat sports, artistic endeavors (Writing, drawing, rolling naked through finger paint and making strange shapes on public surfaces), and obviously video games.
I do not enjoy bright lights, loud children, or generally anything else you wouldn't bring near a sleeping animal.

That's me in a nutshell. Being that I am multiple times larger than a nutshell, you'll probably have to take a closer look if you want the whole picture.

(Also, that bit about the finger paint is totally a lie, so if you happen to see anything like that in your locale, it's not me, it's just another genius with nothing better to do.)