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[NSFW] An IRC text adventure.

So I started my own text adventure in IRC. I had no idea it would end like it did. Again, this is NSFW. Actually, this isn't really safe for anywhere. [12:41] Shorty: You know what would be cool? IRC text adventure. [12:42] Shorty: You are...


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Name: Jake
Location: Victoria, Australia

What kind of games do I play?
Basically anything. Mainly FPS and RPG.

What are my favorites?
Deus Ex is my favourite of all time, followed by the Half-Life series, Elder Scrolls series, and just about anything by Blizzard.

What am I playing now?
Old RPGs that I started years ago and never finished.
Earthbound, Mother 3, Golden Sun, Terranigma, Chrono Trigger.