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Killed the Nameless King!! Killed 14 times total, funny enough 7 times each to him alone and him on the King of Storms. Wooooooo high on Souls!


Captain Marvel was pretty good. I would die for Goose the Cat. Edit: Captain Marvel is the best live action DBZ movie we're probably ever going to get


Somebody mentioned 'shift + F5'. I just did that and now I can look at comments on chrome. I can look at comments on mobile as of last night too so that's a thing. Hey everybody, good morning!


I've never heard of Happy! before but it's giving me strong Punisher vibes. Good stuff so far.


I love the aesthetic of Ariandel but hate how many enemies there are just...around. is this what DS2 is like? Also at a point where I can kill King of Storms easily but Nameless King is a little too strong for me. I just wanna fight Scythe-Nun!


Maybe it's just a bad head-space day but actually getting to and fighting Storm King and Nameless of Storms was enough to make me stop DS3. These multi-stage bosses have annoyed me from the start and I've technically already beaten the game so I'm good.


Getting to Dragon Place was puzzling but I'm there and I fell onto an Ancient Wyvern...I hope it's OK, everyone seems kinda miffed.


Oh, so that's how you get to Smouldering Lake...compared to Cainhurst and the Undead Asylum the signposting for SL was practically blatant!


Killed the Soul of Cinder! I wandered around the Painted World a little bit but I think I'm done with DS3 for now. Multi-stage boss fights really got on my nerves but the Twin Prince fight was great. From what I've played, I'd say DS>(BB=?=DmS)>DS3


Last night I watched Assassination Nation with my housemates and tonight we watched Bohemian Raphsody. Since I still can't see comments I'm not afraid to call out Ass-Nation as a nonsense turd. Raphsody was great though.


Dancer killed me 32 times but I finally knocked her ass out! Check out how terrible I am. Terribly gud!


2 years ago Nintendo began an amazing year. Happy 2nd birthday to the Switch and Breath of the Wild!


I can't read comments on here still so I'm going to assume you're all going to tell me to relentlessly nice things. Anyway, Dancer has killed me 30 times now but I've kill Pontiff finally and he only killed me 7 times, just like Iudex Gundir.


So far Dancer has killed me 25 times and Pontiff has killed me 5. I'm really not good at avoiding attacks but I'm getting there. Looking back I gave up on Artorias after 17 tries and Gwen knocked me out 13 on my first playthrough. I can take Sul dammit.


I think the reason I can't look at or comment on anybodys qposts is because I hate half of all of the grass starters.


There are a lot of grass starters that I just don't care for...I really hope the new grass and water starters have good evolved forms.


If you vant to be zeh mastah, you must join us in Pokemon SS. I remember people turning into Helen Lovejoy over Pokemon SM so it'll be fun to see more obvious jokes like mine for the rest of the week and most of March xD


I watched The Faculty after Swiss Army Man. I forgot The Faculty was rated R and it's also easy to forget that it had an all star cast.


I just got through the point in FFIX where Vivi first visits Black Mage Village and boy oh boy, that section just hits me harder and harder the older I get. Why can't I take emotional weight anymore?


#Noreasonhiphop because I don't just listen to foreign metal and everybody needs to be reminded of the early 90's every so often.


Scalebound on Switch would be awesome and it makes me wonder if Platinum isn't going to eventually just become a 2nd party developer for Nintendo but, Mega Man Legends 3 would also be great. Or Project Hammer. Epic Mickey 3. South Park free roam RPG...


I can't stress enough how much I enjoy youtube poop. It warms my blood pump to see that some of the ones I've been watching are as recent as a year old. YTP is truly the highest form of art. Oh, also I bludgeoned a big-hat nerd to death with a big stick.


Oh hey, I found the poison swamp in DS3. I took out 2 out of 3 fires too. Hm? No, I haven't killed Crystal Sage yet, nor the Dancer.


Oh hey, I found the poison swamp in DS3. I took out 2 out of 3 fires too. Hm? No, I haven't killed Crystal Sage yet, nor the Dancer.


I expected Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to be a psychedelic, drug comedy with neato cinematography. I wasn't expecting to hate this movie but I just really, strongly, dislike this movie. It's also making me vaugly sick.


My state return came in earlier this week. (Not pictured, the extra food I've splurged on)


Quick Final Fantasy IX, Switch pro tip! When you're coming back to the game, chose to load your save rather than choosing to continue from the main menu...Unless a boss kills you...


I'm curious to know just how many people are going to get to this point in Final Fantasy IX for the first time and think to themselves, "Holy Shit, that's the Jimquisition theme!!!"


I got an email from Squeenix about FFIX being available on the Switch and Xbone...but the screenshots they're showing in the email are for Final Fantasy V. So...yeah...FFV on Switch, When?


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