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Games like Euro and American Truck Sim are surprisingly engaging for me. I get the feeling that the train sim games would be just as engaging too, but the initial cost plus potential DLC costs can be pretty steep, not to mention the time investment...Or;


Well...Destructoid used to have infinite scrolling. On the plus side I knocked out time trials and intense training in Episode Prompto. Just need to take out the Kaiser Behemoth.


The time trials in Episode Prompto are abysmal. Edit - Episode Ardyn is the best FFXV DLC by a country mile, and I'm only half an hour in.


I made croquettes! Not to sound too Maryland, but they tasted a little bland until I sprinkled some Old Bay on the 5th one I ate. I have other food on my "to make" list that I feel more confident about making now. Significantly easier to make food.


I made onigiri last night. I've tried making it a few times before but this was the first time it held together while I ate it. I stuffed it with tuna, it turned out really good.


I think I need to replace my 3DS battery. At least it waited until I got to the end of my current Metroid playthrough to start acting up. Also, somehow, I made it past Not-Nito in DS3 without the doll. Where the Hell is Crystal Sage...? NVM CS Ded lol


Is killed by Abyss Watchers Xteen times: "Am I just bad at DS3 now?" *changes shirt and pants, kills AW very next try* Okay, I just can't glass cannon.


There are some things I need to get for my PC, so I'll probably wait until a next gen Steam Deck launches before I try getting one. It's cool seeing how popular the thing is though! It's even better to see that people are actually getting them!


So when it Final Fantasy XIV going to have classic servers?


Final Trans-Siberian Orchestral Fantasy


I'm not huge into collecting figures, but I managed to get this one for $14 because it was a return. Haven't seen one in the wild at all previously, and Terry McGinnis is hella-neato.


My TV stand should be here today, ordered a new desk that should be here Wednesday, grabbed a new bookshelf (probably need another), and Steam Summer Sale haul in the comments. I should probably get a real bedside table and maybe a small dresser...


I chose to let Sekiro go on this go-round. I'm holding out for less than $30, and my Steam backlog is a mighty, mighty beast as is. Can't wait to see how low Cyberpunk goes during the Halloween sale.


Not sure if it's the game or if it's me, but The Flooded District in Dishonored is such a pain in the ass to ghost. I've stumbled on a few glitches in this level anyway, still really annoying though >.<


Who owns the Primal Rage IP and why hasn't it been revived yet? Question 2: see above but about Bloody Roar.


Got my PC set up so I'm calling it: I'm unpacked...even though I'm not...at all...moving day was a pain in the ass and I lost 2 pieces of furniture but they were both "they're your problem now" pieces anyway. I'm tired.


Work tonight, no internet tomorrow, move Thursday, I should be somewhere approaching settled Friday evening or so. Services are being transferred so the move should be smooth. Moving sucks, even if I'm not going very far. Have a great weekend! (#ArMeTu


Bam: Finally indulged in the Steam sale! I'll probably get a few more things on Wednesday and I'll probably play them around Q3 2025 Superliminal, The Room 4, Black Mesa, Misao: Definitive Ed, The Hex, Hitman 2 - Gold, Record of Lodoss War - Metr


The most handsome of all of the Wesley's has gifted me a Goose UwU


Scratched the surface of the Steam Next Fest and found some good stuff already! Unmetal has my kind of comedy, Grime is Blasphemous by way of the Steamworld, Severed Steel has kicked the crap out of me! It's so good! (GIF topical but unrelated)


Nintendo really just went that hard like it wasn't a big deal. I haven't been this optimistic about ready to use my Switch since 2017. I can't believe Cruisin is back. I'm more excited for Dread than Prime 4. Just...wow.


Considering how Earth was shut down last year, I'm not too surprised that big companies don't have much to show at this year's E3. Elden Ring looks great, and a few indie things too. I'm curious to see what Nintendo has lined up.


Since things have calmed down with the site as a whole, I'd just like to pop up and say clicking "all news and updates" feels really redundant since it takes me to a page with 1 to 3 extra stories compared to the front page then a "next page" button.


I was going to watch some E3 coverage before I went to bed this noon, but when I saw Siege gameplay I assumed it was a preshow thing. Whoopsie-doodles. Can't wait for the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, and nothing else!


I'm really excited for the Alex Kidd remake. I'm hoping more games do that kind of remake too, especially after Monster Boy. C'mon Konami, let someone do that with Ganbare Goemon!


The concept of a director's cut of Death Stranding seems silly to me. How much more Kojima can the apex Kojima game possibly get?


Signed the lease! Perfect timing too, the AC in my current place decided to die today or last night x.x Now to dismantle my room and begin the packing process...fml my whole damn head


Square's E3 presentation dealy specifically says (in the email I got from them) that Avengers is on the docket. So I look forward to either A - surprise release of Spider-Man and/or Black Panther content, or B - This thing finally dying


I stayed up late to finish reading The Last Command, the third book of the Thrawn trilogy. It was so artfully done.


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