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https://www.destructoid.com/--576788.phtml#post Hey gang! There's still 12 days to join in on the BoB fun! This month's prompt is about Looking Forward : Follow the link for details!


I had today off, so I wrapped up Ritual of the Night today! So now it's my game of 2019 unless I end up getting and playing through Three Houses, Void Bastards, Fallen Order, etc, and liking one of them more. Now, do I go back to Ori or Blasphemous next?


A very Happy Birthday to everybody's favorite degenerate. This one's for you Mr. Taco


I'm a week or so late, and I'm sure my favorite game of 2010 - 2019 is going to change about 12 times before I finish my blog series, but here's my bracket!


Most of what I played last year was on Switch and PC. My PS4 became my Netflix and D+ machine.


I'm going to do the thing too: "I guess beer is just one of those horrible things adults do."


Who would win in a turf war: Mad Gear (Final Fight gang) or The Black Warriors (Double Dragon gang)? question 2, why haven't they crossed over yet? Bimmy and Jimmy can fight with space frogs but not Mike Haggar?


I beat Leon's A story last night and I'm not sure if I'm gonna run through Claire-B now or do Claire-A first. I don't usually like survival horror games, but I just can't put RE2-Make down.


I forgot J-Star Victory Vs existed until just now. I need to get my hands on it, it has to be better than JUMP Force.


But before we go, we have one more prediction: Final Fantasy XIII-S. The trailer will show party leader Lightning getting knocked out and control switching to Sahz. Direct control of all party members, new engine, same/kinda worse graphics. November 2020


Nintendo Direct Prediction: The Devil's Third and Fatal Frame: Maiden in Black remasters. Both will be multiplatform but we won't find that out until a day or 3 later.


One more Happy New Year before bed. I hope none of you were too hung over today. After work I did a lot of writing, and finally put this bad boy together. Sieg Zeon.


Happy New Years fellow east coast US peeps, and everyone else further east who is already in the future. I need to be awake in 5 hours and I have a CBlog coming out in the morning. Be safe everyone <3


I think I can do a top-5 list of 2019 games: 1 - The Outer Worlds 2 - Resident Evil 2 remake 3 - Bloodstained: RotN 4 - Tamashii 5 - Later Alligator. Didn't like Death Stranding or Shadow Bandit, Collection of Mana and Blasphemous were good. Goose


Concept: A 1v1 fighting game where the roster is made up entirely of people and characters who have ever played Ebenezer Scrooge and their ghosts.


It took me until about midnight but I finished The Outer Worlds. Great game, left open for a more stories, I have a really good idea of how I can build my next character to get more out of it, I was an jerk and still got a bunch of good endings.


I had a sleepover last night and watched my person play Pokemon Shield on my new TV for most of today. Now it's my turn...


Merry Xmas everyone! I got a new TV and Horizon Zero Dawn so I'll be playing some of that and replaying some other things now that I have a great TV.


Santa is coming. Santa is coming. Thank you for being a fantastic community. He's coming.


Watched Rise of Skywalker last night.


Finally saw my Nintendo Year in Review thing. It was emailed to me!


I was going to do a 2010's retrospective cBlog. Then I was going to do 10. Now I'm going to still do that but they'll be monthly releases, one a month, starting in January. Maybe by next October I'll have played some big 2018 and 2019 games.


Bad: I haven't done any X-Mas shopping aside from DSS Less bad: I should be almost 50% done x-mas shopping after today. Maybe. Hopefully.


I'm calling Opus Magnum. I knocked out all of the main puzzles and a handful of the Journal puzzles. I even played a bunch of Sigmar's Garden. The limited-space puzzles are a bridge too far though. My overall thoughts on OM are in the comments...


The night jobs I applied for rejected me and I've been sick for the last 3 days. On the plus side, I'm not as sick today as I was on Wednesday.


How many years have people been clamoring for a sequel to The Wolf Among Us? I would guess it's been long enough that the original is going to get an HD-Remaster around the same time the sequel launches.


Top 5 most anticipated games for the next decade: Syndicate Redux. Super Mario Generations. Shaq-Fu vs Charles Barkley-Kuan-MMO. Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Part 2. Peter Molyneux's Actual, Real-life home: A VR/AR Experience.


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