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Update: bad weather and the people I was supposed to see Gotti with being Shit-Heads happened so I went and watched Avengers again.


In about 2 hours I'm going to be watching the film Gotti. All I know about it is that it currently has a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.


When you grocery shop at Lotte and H-Mart, are demisexual to the point that you self-identify as Ace and have no idea what's going on at other grocery stores with the sexually active #mybattlefieldhasawesomekimchi


I've been out in the sun, kept myself fed and hydrated, engaged in shared humanity with people but seasonal depression is already kicking my ass :D Even finding something new in Fallout 3 isn't helping (though it was cool to kill a dude over a nighty)


Yay me for not accidentally knocking anybody up.


I've posted a CBlog that'll be available in a moment about E3 because of course it's about E3. My top 10 is at the bottom of the novel if you're just interested in that. I'm going to go back to being murdered by Crimson Heads now...love you guys...


I've never played the Resident Evil Remake before today and holy schmokes I was not prepared for the Crimson Heads! Or the Dogs. Chris can get an upgrade for his inventory, right?


So far my roommate's and I are the only ones in the theater watching Tag. In other news, I'm enjoying the start of BlOps III so far (the campaign anyway).


I'm on the Switch eShop and the sale on here is pretty massive...$1 for Plague Road, 13.99 for Night in the Woods, 4.99 for >Hollow, 9.99 for Fe, Sexy Brutale and Has Been Heroes...Definitely getting Night in the Woods tomorrow and maybe a couple others.


I'm going to do one final update...probably on Friday or Saturday after Treehouse is completely over and done with. Nintendo won followed by Devolver and Ubisoft for me.


I found a copy of Resident Evil Origins Collection for PS4 priced at less than $12. I'mma hype myself up for Resi-2-R!


Wait, wasn't there supposed to be a couple of Konami reveals? Oh you wiley Nintendo with your treehouse...


I hope Nintendo doesn't do that thing where they reveal a new character for Smash by releasing a video that implies a most wanted game is in development. That would be no good.


I'll be most of the way through my 30 minute break when Nintendo'switch direct goes live...oh well, I'll try sneakily watching as I work.


Sony's lack of Medieval is why it failed.


Resident Evil 2 was the only thing I really cared about with Sony's thing. Still don't care about LoU2, Spider-Asylum look alright, and Death Stranding is The Road, The Game.


I've never played BLOPS3 but I guess I can now. So far I'm not really caring for the Sony show at all other than that, even with their musical hobos.


Finally updated my score card! I'll update it one more time tomorrow after work so...like...After Nintendo's Direct but probably before Treehouse.


I've never played Fallout Shelter before today and I'd just like to say that after playing it, I'm knocking points off of Bethesda's showcase. If Fallout 4 is shown off during treehouse or direct, Nintendo gets those extra points.


Welp...Ubisoft killed it. Maybe it's because I had such low expectations but they really, really killed it. Can't wait to play the new Starfox.


I'm not off until 230 so I guess I'm gonna miss SquareEnix but I'll be able to watch Ubisoft so there's that.


Staying up to watch Bethesda's stream wasn't the best idea for me but waking up to devolver's definitely was. (Oh no! Double post!!)


Staying up to watch Bethesda's stream wasn't the best idea for me but waking up to devolver's definitely was.


Todd: "Fallout 76 is completely online." Me: "FUCK!"


Tried getting the worst ending in Detroit: Become Human but I missed out on a key thing...I'm definitely going back and replaying some of this though since, unlike Beyond, this was actually really engaging.


Dammit Markus! Something happened, my copy of Detroit went corrupt so I guess most of today will be spent re-downloading the game. Booo.


It just hit me that Markus in Detroit: Become Human is Starkiller. They are the same, exact character in different clothes. Similarly, Atton Rand is the same character as the player-character from Dark Void, Will Grey.


Remember that time EA launched Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U as a launch title? Good times. Can't wait to see an announcement for the Switch port of Andromeda and nothing else.


So I guess tomorrow is my last 4am shift. Looks like I'm 6am from Monday onward. Woo, 2 hours of extra sleep but boo 2 extra hours of me being there when the store is open. I miss night shift...


Xcom 2 is stressing me out so I'm doing Detroit Become Human instead and you know what? In addition to The Bicentennial Man, A.I. and I, Robot I'm seeing some Toy Story 3 in this game so far...also South Park


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