On DES: Pro Smash Bros player Hungrybox reacts to analysis of his strategy

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Gearbox should be commended for making Duke Nukem Forever look good in hindsight. Between We Happy Few, Battleborn and, Alien: Colonial Marine it's really easy to look at DNF and call it a good Gearbox game that doesn't rhyme with the word 'snorderlands'


So I'm making nice progress in Metroid Prime and assuming I'm coming up to the Plasma Beam. It seemed to be hinted at A LOT and I can even see 3 big enemies who will be fun to kill with it. Then I find the Power Bomb. Slight disappointment but not much.


You remember that time I roasted myself for being anti-Wiimote when it comes to Metroid Prime? Well I've never actually beaten MP or MP2 on the Gamecube. I just got the Grav suit in MP and that's as far as I've ever been in this game before. It's goood.


October 19th, October 19th, October 19th...I feel like I'm forgetting something about the mid-October launch lineup. Oh! Right, Starfox 3 launches on the 16th. No, I'm not going to call it Starlink, fuck off.


I just got out of The Meg...it was pretty bad :)


Who here is familiar with The Mandela Effect? Well I just stumbled upon an example of it. Up until today, I've always heard this line as "Wake up Potter, we're going to the Zoo." After re-watching this scene several times, I'm proven wrong. Happy Monda


I just got out of Slender Man. Not only was I the oldest person in the theater, I was the only guy. Another oddity: I really, really, enjoyed that movie. The library scene in particular was great.


So ever since it launched on the Wii I've said that the Metroid Trilogy was am unplayable garbage fire and my biggest disappointment. Anyway, I'm trying it again and I've just grabbed the Charge Beam and Morph Ball Bombs.


H'aanit's chapter 3 boss took me a while despite my being somewhat over leveled. Not a complaint, I would have been disappointed if it was easy to take down.


Tales from The Wasteland: a hideous blob monster killed itself and all of its friends when it found out sex would be ultimately meaningless. I was kicked out of my home so I guess I'll found my own town. (I've never beaten Fallout before today)


DOOM ETERNAL ON SWITCH!!! Also I looked back on my Smash blogs and I was right about Wolf and Ocarina of Time Ganondorf.


I just got Pokemon Moon! It was on clearance at the hated Gamestop but it was like, $25 and it was new. It may not be Ultra but it really doesn't look like I'm missing out on much by just getting vanilla Moon.


Tales from the Wasteland: After having a lot of deja vu about dying on my way out of the Super Mutant Base, I finally manage to escape only to realize that my companion Katja is dead and all of my stuff blew up.


So is there just straight-up not going to be a physical release for Okami HD on Switch or is that launching in a few weeks or months like with...uh...I think Wonder Boy did that and Shantae...and Snipperclips. I don't mind waiting I'm just curious.


Apparently, I'm kinda bad at Valkerya Chronicles 4 (C in the prologue mission, D on the second mission). Still though, it's about as fun as I thought it might be. I'm not all in, I'm not disappointed.


Masahiro 'Do you see what happens when you little shits keep asking me for more? Did you think I was joking? I liked Luigi but you made me do this. This is more your fault than mine' Sakurai.


I've been busy and now I'm behind: my short-term backlog is getting kinda heavy. A couple of demos, Mafia 3, Octopath...I haven't gotten back into Fallout yet this month. Good thing I'm off tomorrow, just have to lock myself in my room.


Guys today is the Mars Rover's 6th birthday


I'm not the kind of person who obsessively looks into the release schedule of DC animated films but I feel like this one came out of nowhere.


I just sat down and watched Green Lantern. Anyway, here's a cell phone camera pic of Mars. I volunteered to go in to work tomorrow. Good night everybody.


I'm starting to think Starbucks won't be offering S'mores frappucinos this year (he thought to himself, months after they should have been made available)


Oh boy, #plushtoid !!! I'm a 30 year old man so I'm going to have to post a majority of my pics in the comments.


So have I missed it or did they just not announce the freebies for PS+ for August yet? Also (edit) my July Gaming Journal is gonna be available in about 10 minutes.


Tales from the Wasteland: My dog survived Necropolis, hostile super mutants and, a handful of Deathclaw encounters (including an angry mother). Dumbass proceeds to sprint into toxic sludge and die.


Tales from the Wasteland: Books are almost prohibitively expensive in The Hub but thankfully, there are a lot of police officers who carelessly leave weapons and ammo in their back pockets which I can exchange for some new reading material.


So anyway, I have a CBlog in the pipeline about the best games of all time that'll be available for everyone to look at in about 15, 20 minutes.


I was finally killed by an end-chapter boss! Alfyn ch.3 but it's OK because that boss is a babe. Reminds me a bit of Axel from Kingdom Hearts.


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