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I didn't really like any of the huge collectathon platformers on the N64. Super Mario 64, DK64, Banjo-Kazooie...I liked Conker enough to beat it but I did so on the original Xbox #heresytoid


...Well, everyone else is doing it and I want attention so AMA! Emphasis on the A...and the other A...and also the M though I guess though I won't stop you from asking each other things as you ask me things.


I'm going to spend a chunk of my day off on the Track Package page of Amazon, just hitting refresh. I ordered myself an HDMI switch so I can play more than one of my modern consoles at a time without also pretending to be a switchboard operator.


Version exclusive gym leaders is a step too far for me. I'm still probably going to get Sword or Shield but I'm not buying it for myself.


Playing Penumbra for the first time and I guess the player character is just me. My perception of reality changes when I crouch down (probably due to an iron deficiency) and I like beating the crap out of things with hammers.


I'm still unreasonably proud of this edit I made 3 years ago


I've been playing with RPGMaker MV for 3 hours if Steam is to be believed and so far I've made a little town filled with rude, promiscuous, Scottish people. I'm going to try making something seriously later this week.


Fuck the Grand Cathedral (DS2, not Bloodbourne) ...ya know what, fuck the Old Chaos)


#desktoid because I have an actual desk for the first time in years. Technically a WIP


I originally had today off but I need hours more than I need time to arrange my room and unpack. Happy 4th of July if you're into that. Iced Earth suck (Horror Show is mostly OK though I guess)


The Wii U should have been called the HDS. The gamepad could have had slots for DS and GBA games. It might not have been as much of a hideous failure.


So, today I tripped, fell and, picked up Amnesia, A Machine for Pigs, PeNumbra and, Elite Dangerous in the Steam Sale. Whoops. I get paid tomorrow...well, in 5 minutes, and have my sights set on RPG Maker and A Hat in Time.


This weekend one of my housemates are going to be leaving but that's OK because he never cleaned the bathroom and we're replacing his ass with 2 kitties. Also I'm getting his room. It's a bigger room than my current room.


I just ate a seaweed salad earlier today. Its the only kind I really care about to be honest.


Steam Sale started today...So here's what I did: Bendy and the Ink Machine Complete, Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet, Castle Crashers, Deadbolt, Dead Space 2, Final Fantasy V, Mass Effect Collection (1&2) Republic Commando and, SOMA. Payday Friday


OK, Steam Sale is on. Who wants to buy pics of my feet?


Soulsbourne ranking now that I've beaten them all once! 1 - Dark Souls 2 - Demon's Souls 3 - Bloodbourne 4 - Dark Souls 2 5 - Dark Souls 3 Nashandra is just Rule 63 Nito.


I only just watched V for Vendetta last night. Guess I need to read the source now and I keep hearing great things about The Count of Monte Cristo.


I'm pretty sure little, pink, Gremlin Pokemon is going to evolve into something more...Blob-like.


"Pokemon Sword and Shield look great. Can't wait for giant bunny girls to stomp on me with their huge, bunny feet." -Wes probably-


I just wanna order some Pizza, Vocelli, why is your website terrible?!


Top 5 Vampire movies: 1 - Daybreakers 2 - Blade 3 - What we do in the Shadows 4 - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 5 - Dracula: Dead and Lovin' it!


Bloodstained Spoiler: Man is actually a miserable little pile of secrets.


A part of me is mildly, morbidly curious to try the Fallout 76 free trial thing but I feel like that would be rewarding Bethesda for the bad behavior that was...well, Fallout 76 just in general. It looks like the BR element is bad too.


Calling it now: Final Fantasy VII-R Episode 2 is going to be called Kalm but in reality, it's just going to be an HD Remake of Crisis Core only you play as Cloud instead of Zack and every so often you see Tifa in the present shift, uncomfortably. 04/2021


I played through Doom 4 when it launched on Switch and thought it was great. I'm playing through Doom 4 on PC now and am feeling a little bit blown away to be completely honest.


Welp, I've gone ahead and picked up the Borderlands bundle thing. It's been a few years since I've played anything Borderlands so maybe I'll finally see the light and stop saying mean things about Borderlands Gearbox now.


I'm a bit disappointed that Rare Replay hasn't been announced as coming to Switch yet but New Super Lucky's Tale, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair look great!


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