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Not sure which was the bigger pain in the ass: The Long Gui in FFXIII or Adamantoise in FFXV. I haven't fought Yiazmat, don't ask.


I don't know who needs to hear this, but get your finger out of there right now. You're embarrassing yourself.


Happy March 32nd. My monthly game journal is coming out tomorrow morning.


Well fuck...things at home are getting...weird and probably bad ...I'm okay (edit:housemate drama happened and will likely happen again in the next day or two)


My state is now under a Stay-At-Home order! Well, most of my state is: I'm essential.


The Shadow of Doom DLC looks good, but all I can hear when Doom talks is Calculon phoning in another role.


GTA4 is back on Steam, FINALLY. It's listed as Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition. It's currently marked at $19.99...which is confusing to me since GTAV is currently on sale.


I have a cough at the moment, but I also have congestion and mucus issues that seem to be annual. I've had sinus problems last year and the year before so I guess I'm doing my own thing in terms of being ill. Stay safe, stay home.


I went through Beastars this past weekend and I don't usually say this, but I'm looking forward to the second season of this anime. I really hope Juno doesn't go full-on yandere.


Whose got two thumbs and just went through a break-up!? Not me, I have tentacles. Woo hurt...


#selfietoid !!! I love you Destructoid, please stay beautiful and please never change. Can't wait for Half Life: Alyx part 2 to launch on AR Devices in 2034!


The day you went shopping during a pandemic was the most important day of your life. You and your children could easily become a statistic. But for me, it was Tuesday. Well, Wednesday now. Woooo retail!


My store is modifying hours, Wednesday morning for the first hour will be reserved for people who require assistance. No word on hazard pay or a return to overnight unloads yet. (Expanded thoughts in comments)


Oh shit, my team lead is being fired. Oh shit, I think his replacement is already at my store. Oh shit, she's really, really attractive. I'm gonna get myself fired.


You know how people get seasonal depression in winter? Not me, I get mine in Spring and it just hit me today. Woooooo-yay...this is the worst time of year.


I'm behind on my for-fun writing project. I'm going to blame the Corvid Virus instead of being honest and blaming Fractured but Whole and Final Fantasy XV.


Darkside of the Con was cancelled. I wasn't going, but everyone in my house OTHER than me was going and I was going to enjoy 4 or 5 days home alone. Damned plague...


So one of my housemates just up and left. Took all her stuff and peaced out without a word to anyone. Everyone else was at work and we never talked much. Looks like my rent just went up *sweats*


Assuming there are an infinite number of realities, I'd really like to visit the one where the Bioshock movie happened and Jack Nicholson was cast as Sander Cohen. Also, Happy Birthday to Nekro! You are my favorite C-word


Happy Birthday Bass! At his point it might be belated, but Happy Birthday anyhow!


To assert dominance over DST, I have woken up an hour earlier than I needed to. I hate putting my clock forward an hour but I'm not going to be a bitch about it.


I finished The Fractured but Whole last night and it's definitely one of those RPGs that I played for the story in spite of the gameplay.


Oh snap, Yakuza 0 is $5 on Steam. I mean, even if there are issues with this version, I guess that's a fantastic de-OH SNAP, Halo C.E. is available on Steam today too. Oh my Stars and Garters, do they know I get paid on Friday!?


I'm off today and the first thing I see is that the FF7-R demo is available. Guess I know what I'll be doing this morning! Thoughts in comments.


Jetter Limo to Happy and Birthday !!


Is Kazuya a common Japanese surname, or do Mishima and Jin exist in the Yakuza series somewhere?


Oh right...February has the fewest days of all of the months. Welp, my BoB is on the way up now so there! Happy Leap Year everybody! Also, Happy Birthday to Vxxy!!!


I'm not celebrating the seemingly inevitable fall of Gamestop, because people losing their jobs is usually terrible, but in the US Gamestop killed EB, Gamecrazy, Funcoland, and Thinkgeek, possibly even more than just that, and I'm still kinda bitter.


Sword Art Online - Zoomer .Hack - Millennial Mega Man Battle Net - Gen X Reboot - Boomer


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