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Scratched the surface of the Steam Next Fest and found some good stuff already! Unmetal has my kind of comedy, Grime is Blasphemous by way of the Steamworld, Severed Steel has kicked the crap out of me! It's so good! (GIF topical but unrelated)


Nintendo really just went that hard like it wasn't a big deal. I haven't been this optimistic about ready to use my Switch since 2017. I can't believe Cruisin is back. I'm more excited for Dread than Prime 4. Just...wow.


Considering how Earth was shut down last year, I'm not too surprised that big companies don't have much to show at this year's E3. Elden Ring looks great, and a few indie things too. I'm curious to see what Nintendo has lined up.


Since things have calmed down with the site as a whole, I'd just like to pop up and say clicking "all news and updates" feels really redundant since it takes me to a page with 1 to 3 extra stories compared to the front page then a "next page" button.


I was going to watch some E3 coverage before I went to bed this noon, but when I saw Siege gameplay I assumed it was a preshow thing. Whoopsie-doodles. Can't wait for the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, and nothing else!


I'm really excited for the Alex Kidd remake. I'm hoping more games do that kind of remake too, especially after Monster Boy. C'mon Konami, let someone do that with Ganbare Goemon!


The concept of a director's cut of Death Stranding seems silly to me. How much more Kojima can the apex Kojima game possibly get?


Signed the lease! Perfect timing too, the AC in my current place decided to die today or last night x.x Now to dismantle my room and begin the packing process...fml my whole damn head


Square's E3 presentation dealy specifically says (in the email I got from them) that Avengers is on the docket. So I look forward to either A - surprise release of Spider-Man and/or Black Panther content, or B - This thing finally dying


I stayed up late to finish reading The Last Command, the third book of the Thrawn trilogy. It was so artfully done.


Back from work, so now I can look at the site on my PC instead of on my phone! This is pretty bad. Yeah, change isn't necessarily bad, take everything case-by-case, this is a case of the bad. I come here because it's *not* IGN, Polygon etc. Bad Dtoid, No!


Move update: We have a place lined up! We'll have a timetable lined up soon, and will likely be moving in July. The place we're going to is essentially in walking distance of where we currently are.


lol, Landlord is selling the place I'm at so I'll probably have to move this month or next month at the latest. I blame summer on this. Video unrelated; *note - Dankmus It's a Handgun was the first video I was going to post but...no*


I noticed that my store has Destruction All-Stars for $20 at base and I don't understand why. It's a new PS5 game, it looks like a lot of fun...what's the deal? What's wrong with it?


I could have played a lot more Nocturne over the last couple days, but Resi 4 finally clicked and I just started a Pro playthrough. Well, pseudo-pro, Ashley is wearing armor...not that it's helped me in the siege house.


Something about the Leon/ Ada/ Krauser dynamic reminds me of the Sonic/ Rouge/ Shadow dynamic...


I've never actually watched Blink before, but I understand the hype now. I was expecting it to be more horror focused given how the Weeping Angels kicked off a whole horror trend (or at least it seemed to have done).


Just finished Dark Force Rising and started Last Command. I see the hype for Thrawn, and liked how the subversion at the end of DFR boosted the stakes. Kind of a shame I have to look up a reading order and get the next series second hand.


Had to leave work early because of a potential gas leak, and a poo pipe going kaboom. The front of the store was basically flooded with poo water. Woo.


I don't drink or do things that would make me high. Tell me filthy, tasteless jokes or anecdotes. Hit me as hard as you can, come on, go all-out, use spoiler tags, there are no rules just suggestions.


What's that Steam? I'm allowed to install Nocturne now!? Oh Steam, if I knew you were going to let me do that I would have requested a day or three off! Funny enough, SMT3NR's release day is a day I had off anyway.


Me on Monday: Resi 4 is okay, not sure about Separate Ways. Me today: I can see clearly now, my doubt is gone. I got my Tommy gun, I'm halfway to the infinite rocket launcher.


And that's Resident Evil 4 done. I went through the first chapter of Separate Ways, but I don't know if I'll stick with it to the end. That Chicago Typewriter is a nice incentive though...


Just spent the morning drawing and watching Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks, and Human Nature/Family of Blood (and Lazarus and 42). Those two-parters were great, with the later kinda blowing me away, AND BLINK IS NEXT!


Thanks Fanatical! I can't actually install Nocturne for 11 days, but hey, that sense of anticipation is pretty sweet! In the mean time, I have a minecart to survive and an Ashley to rescue...again...


I found these when I went to Wonderbooks yesterday! I haven't taken a Japanese class in years, but reading simple books like these helps keep some of it fresh in my mind.


Father Grigory Rasputin is tough! He's just eating bullets, no matter what's spitting them at him! *checks an FAQ* ...Oh, he has a Pokemon-like weakness to fire and I have a ton of fire grenades. Still haven't beaten Resi4! Still having a good time!


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