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BoB - Shog and Jolly Cooperation


This month’s BOB is actually going to be difficult for me because of this awful habit I have of playing games almost exclusively in single player. Looking at the games that I did play this month, all I really see are single player experiences: Deus Ex, Morrowind, Final Fantasy IX...It’s pretty clear that when it comes to gaming I’m very much a loner. I just don’t engage in jolly cooperation often, if ever. Wait a moment...jolly cooperation…


This month I beat Dark Souls 3 for the first time and I’ve made a good deal of progress in Bloodbourne. When it comes to the Soulsbourne-Die-Twice series, it seems like everybody has their own way of playing and their own ruleset. For me, I’ll absolutely summon in help even if I’m taking on a boss for the first time. Dark Souls 3 for example is a game where I summoned whenever I could since so little of this entry was spoiled for me. The first boss I summoned for was Vordt of the Boreal Valley (please stop laughing at me). The first couple of times I fought Vordt, I had a lot of trouble getting under him. Another aspect of the fight that gave me trouble was the frostbite debuff which I had a lot of trouble avoiding, especially when Vordt gets down below half-health and starts zipping around the arena at speeds I didn’t expect of such a large, armored enemy.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor(This is just so pretty)

When it comes to Bloodbourne, I don’t recall how often I summoned during my first playthrough. Vicar Amelia is definitely a fight that I summoned for on my current playthrough and I’m sure I summoned for her on my first run too. On my current playthrough, I could only really take two hits from Amelia before I died so I summoned to get behind her more easily. Aside from Amelia, what I didn’t know about Bloodbourne is that you can summon for the Cleric Beast fight provided you kill Papa Gascap and talk to Alfred first. When deliberately held off on fighting Cleric Beast until later because I wanted to utterly ruin it with a leveled up weapon so when I saw the summon sign for Alfred it was something I couldn’t pass up. Was it cheap to gang up on what could have been the first boss in Bloodbourne with a +6 weapon and a friend? Absolutely but, it was also a ton of fun.


This may go against the spirit of this month’s Band of Bloggers prompt but computer cooperation was as close to co-op as I usually get in general. I don’t often game with people online or offline but I appreciate it when games offer players the option to cooperate with friendly bots. Speaking of bots, has it been confirmed if the PC version of MCC’s multiplayer will have Bots yet? I remember Duke Nukem 64 having bot matches and playing that mode of that game lead me to staying up until dawn playing a video game for the first time...

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