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Shog's February Gaming Journal

February is a short month, not just in the obvious way  but there’s something about the first quarter of the year that just kinda zips by, for me at least. I’m sure my gaming habits have a negligible impact on my perception...


Shog's January Gaming Journal

In a feeble attempt to write more I've decided to write about the games I've been playing recently but when I realized I don't have enough motivation to do this weekly, I've decided to try and go for more of a monthly thing. Overall I ...


Disney, EA and their adopted child Star Wars

Whispers began of Disney being interested in purchasing the rights to Star Wars in mid-to-late 2012 only to be confirmed late in December of that year when it was announced that Disney had effectively purchased the entirety of Lucasfil...


A Shoggy Look at Death Note (2017)

Way back in December of 2003, subscribers and fans of the weekly Shonen JUMP! Magazine were treated to the first installment of Death Note. A couple of years later, the first manga would make it to the United States where its success a...


A Shoggy Look at Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XIII-Vs...shit...Final Fantasy XV then; Final Fantasy XV is the first major entry in the Final Fantasy series that has nothing to do with FInal Fantasy XIII although that’s assuming you ignore the history of this ga...


A Shoggy Bit of E3 Wishes and Speculation

Hello Destructoid, you're probably wondering a few things. Who or what is a Shoggoth? Why is it talking about procrastination? What exactly is this thing on my other tab and is it safe for work? Well I can answer the first two and take a wi...


About Shoggoth2588one of us since 6:55 AM on 06.03.2013

Hello all! I'm Joe, from Maryland! I've was released the same year as Mega Man 2 but I haven't really been playing games until around the time of Mortal Kombat 2's home release. I'm mostly harmless so if you wanna talk to me send me a message I guess. I'll be around, lurking maybe. I'm not sure yet.