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Fumbling for meaning in Limbo

What follows is not a review, because it's got bigger spoilers than an insecure kid's hotted-up Honda Civic. I'm assuming that you, the reader, have already played through this game and are also trying to come to terms what the heck it all ...


Misery, and those others who revel in it

It's often assumed that a person who says they study computer games at university is failing quite spectacularly at being clever. "So you play Bejeweled on your iPhone during lectures, very funny," a nonbeliever might remark dryly. It can a...


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Hey, I'm Katie. I knew which side of the console vs. PC debate to ally myself with from an early age (for those interested: PC, although I have come into possession of a surprising amount of consoles over the years as well). I spent equal amounts of my teen years clubbing and holed up in my room gaming, but the latter won out in the end.

By the age of eighteen, I had lived in three countries and visited a dozen more. I have since settled in Melbourne, where I learn about games at university and have grown bitter about my growing normality. The only way I feel that I can maintain a grip on the glory of my former life is to bring up pretentiously, again and again, how well-travelled I may once have been (while conveniently forgetting to mention that all I do now is play games).

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