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The Legend of Ozz

---So I want to start blogging, but can't decide how to start, so I figured I'd just go off about the magical path we all took to become gamers. While everyone has a different story for how they became the gamer they are today, it shows that we all have a strong passion about this. So what better way to try and relate, then to tell my own story of how I got here. I'm totally new to blogging as a whole, so if you see flaws, I'm sure you'll be quite vocal about them. I will read, learn, and improve as I do this, so thanks in advance!---

Name's Ozz, it's not my real name, but with a last name like "Osborne", your first name never mattered. I started gaming long before I could speak, or even walk. My mother was a Tetris fanatic, and bought an original Game Boy just to carry her Tetris with her anywhere she was. Every now and then, she'd hand me the Game Boy, and considering I was no older then 2, I most likely had no idea what I was doing until I realized the buttons changed what happened on the screen. I had my first sense of control, and so it began...

Always asking to borrow her Game boy, my mother would watch me play and noticed I had the same knack for the game she did, so she eventually bought me my own Game Boy (Used, with a see through case) and my own copy of Tetris. I longed for the day to beat her high score, to beat her at her own game, at MY game. I had my first sense of real competition.

From Tetris on the Game Boy, I went to Legend of Zelda on the NES, thanks to my Uncle John.
I remember looking through his games, wondering what to try,and seeing that beautiful gold cartridge. It made my eyes light up like a fat kid seeing his first twinkie. After popping it in, and hearing that theme, it just stole my imagination and threw it into the world of Hyrule. I was lost, didn't know where to go, but for some reason, I felt at home within the game. I had no idea gaming could be more then a high score, or be beyond the reach of competition. I had to play this more, but unfortunately I only got see my Uncle once a month or so, so I didn't get a chance to really sit and play for days with the game until years later.

I only had one friend who was also into video games at the time, so every few days I'd go over there to play some with him on his PC. I didn't really start PC gaming until 2000, which was 8 years off at this point, so he was my only gateway into it at the time. He introduced me to a game called Wolfenstein 3D. Now what would two four year olds be doing playing a game about killing Nazis? Well, we'd be shooting the bad men in blue coats because they're shooting at us, and we don't wanna die! I was completely engrossed by the first person perspective of the game, I felt like i could break the glass, and reach inside the world of the game. I wanted more, but it would be an entire year before my prayers were answered.

A year older, a year wiser, I still hadn't had seen anything like that wolf game I played at my friends, then he called me up not to hang out, or play together, no. He wanted to watch me play this new game, he HAD to. So over I went, and he had everything set up. Some juice, and cookies his mother made, and the command on screen, just readied for the Enter key, so I hit it. It was just like that wolf game I played! I was so happy, going around killing some dudes, but wait, what is THAT!?

It was, a demon? From Hell? "COOOOL" I yelled in glee. Little did I know the impact this game would have on my entire life, but as soon as I came across Hell, I couldn't get it out of my head. Ever since, DOOM cemented my want for gore and an unexplainable thirst for demonic imagery. Back to the game! Creeping around corners, I could hear them, and the suspense of being near death and hearing an army of demons around the corner, you never want to look around that corner, but you know the only way to finish the level, is through that horde. Laying waste to the army of foul creatures through sheer skill in both accuracy, and dodging killing blows, that feeling you get is the very thing all gamers crave. The moment when you go from player, to GODLIKE. You are the very definition of badass, at least...For now.

The year was 1996, my friend invited me over because I HAD to play this game. It was the most violent, sexual, and hilarious game he'd ever see, and I HAD to experience it. That game was Duke Nukem 3D, and after tipping off the same stripper at least 30 times, and hearing those words "Blow it out your ass", "I've got balls of steel", I knew this was my calling, THIS was my genre. Between the new mouselook feature, the amount of interactive environments, and secrets galore, even from a technical standpoint, this game had it all! I still rate it higher than most FPS games that have come out in the last decade.

As I got older, and new consoles came out, I gained more friends, who also played video games, so this broadened my experience to just about every console during those times.
After school for almost 2 years, I'd go over to Renee's and pop in Streets of Rage 2, watch some Dragonball Z, some Pokemon, then back to Streets of Rage. Could you think of a better way to spend an afternoon? I think not.

Fast-forward to Christmas, 1998. My Nintendo Power magazines haven't been coming in for months it seems, and some of my friends have been saying there's a new Zelda coming out. By this point I had beaten the original, Link's Awakening, and A Link To The Past (In that order), but even if I got the new game, I don't have my own console to play it on. Well it just so happens my grandma found a stack of old Nintendo Power magazines on Christmas day, so I snatched them up and began reading all of the preview material for that Zelda game my friends were talking about, it was real! I was then presented with a huge box wrapped in, well wrapping paper. I remember feeling around and touching the hole in the back of the box that displays a serial code on a Nintendo 64.

This was it! My very first console! So to sum up my reaction, well, this does a very accurate portrayal.

After my screaming in joy, I was handed a smaller present, which held my precious Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A new Zelda game, just what I wanted! This is the game that turned my hobby into an obsession. Every gamer hits that milestone where they start playing a game as a fun thing to do, and after, have developed an unquenchable thirst for more, to relive those bursts of excitement, the feelings you developed for the characters, the sense of immersion.

To sum it up, you want to experience a game so good, you forget you're sitting infront of a television holding a control. Alot of gamers first experienced this feeling with the same handful of games, which is why they're regarded as the best. These games are the pinnacle of what entertainment is, and change countless lives, as well as bringing us all together.
So I end this entry with a simply question: What's your game?
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