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Speaking of Grapes, I mean Rape.

There needs to be a mainstream AAA video game that has tons of rape. Rape doesn't have to be the focus, but it needs to consistent throughout the game.
I'm being serious when I say this.

When religion and Hell was unheard of in mainstream video games, it took DOOM to break ground, to take the heat of protests and bannings, to carry the flag against censorship, and for freedom of speech.
When sexism and nudity was unheard of in mainstream video games, we got Duke Nukem, the most sexist, offensive, idiotically masculine meathead to date.

While these games were never focused around the censorship barriers they were smashing, having those consistent themes made other developers feel it was OK to follow suit, further expanding what is allowed in this medium, because for some reason, everything is not allowed. We have movies, novels, comics, and music about rape, whether it's realistic or not, and it's alright. Yet rape in a video game? You'll be scoffed at.

The only way to fix this problem? Make a game where rape is a consistent thing that happens in the experience. While there's been the very rare occurrence, (Silent Hill 2, anyone?) there still needs to be that flag bearer title. Developers have tried to make obscure games with rape, but they're mistake is making it the focus of the game, and the mainstream folks just aren't ready for that.

I look forward to a time when people stop being fucking idiots by treating fictional ideals as real problems.
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