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Ozzblog Review: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (360)

Been asked by afew buddies to review some games, so here I am. If I fuck up, I'm relying on you guys to be harsh and crude so that I will learn and become a better reviewer. First up is Acbro. 123GO!

Let's start this review by talking about how this game looks. Possibly the only good aspect of this game is the attention to detail. The buildings, character models, animations, it's all very smooth and very pleasing to the eye. The assassinations look great, and at times made me cringe because they were so good (Like leaping off a building, onto a prone target only to stab through his crotch with my dagger). The main gripe when it comes to how the game looks is the clipping issue. You'd think with the time they spent giving things like capes and robes a realistic and beautiful look, both in appearance and animations, that they'd consider fixing any clipping issues to keep the realism intact.

With audio, overall we have a mixed bag. On one hand, your combat effects sound like they should. Cannons and explosives have a powerful boom to them, weapons go cling-clang like we expect, so nothing new, but what can you do new when recreating the sound of swords clashing?
As for the dialogue, this is where the mixed bag comes in. When playing as Ezio, the characters you interact with have good voice acting, and reasonable dialogue. While not exactly motivating, or memorable, their voices help set the tone of the game. Then when the game has one of it's stupor moments and you play as Desmond, the dialogue and voice acting become atrocious, especially from one man called Shaun Hastings. If you play this game, you'll grow to hate this character, and the voice behind him (Danny Wallace for those in the know).

Now, don't get me wrong here - This game is definitely an improvement for the franchise. But it's a "One step forward, two steps back" type of deal here.
First, combat. While improving the combat mechanics which helps the flow of battle go along smoothly, you quickly just resort to the Counter attack and repeat until your enemies are dead. Also as soon as you enter battle, don't plan to try and get away. The game seems to take away your freeroaming mechanics as soon as your weapon is drawn. The reason for this is simple, poor button mapping. Right Trigger is to run, and is used when against a wall in conjunction with A in order to jump up and climb a wall, but once you're in combat, it changes to the guard button. So what happens if you need to regain your composure and you try to run to get some ground? You stand there like a tool and guard. What if you want to climb up to get an aerial advantage? Good luck with that one, not only are the forced combat mechanics against you, but because of the forced targetting when in combat, the camera will be against you as well.

Second, climbing. One of two things is the reason Ezio's climbing feels so limited, and controls like shit. 1) I've been spoiled by great climbing and acrobatics mechanics in the Prince of Persia games, or 2) Ezio is the professor of derpology. I sure hope it's the former, but I encountered alot of times when the latter sure shined brightly. One early example is your city is under attack and you're on the city walls using a cannon to destroy other cannons. Soon enough your cannon is destroyed, and soldiers are now on top of the walls so you have to go clear them out. You run to a corner and see that the tower that you'd normally walk under to get around has collapsed enough to block you from doing so. My initial thought was "I can jump the distance no problem, I've seen Ezio jump farther"...Nope, game didn't want that happening, so then I came up with the better idea to drop down and hang on the inner wall,then just scale around the tower, pull myself back up, and kick some ass! Nope, game wouldn't allow that either. Instead it forced me to climb up the fucking tower, then scale around it, and drop down which would took at least 8-10 times longer then simply scaling the inner wall would. It's an easier, quicker, and more logical way to get to the problem, yet the game has to force you up this linear path. I could have sworn this game prides itself of being able to explore and take any route you want to your objective, then throws this shit at me.


Last thing I need to cover is the story. I'm not sure what those crazy frenchies up there in Montreal were smoking, drinking, or using as a suppository, but this has to be one of the worst ideas for a main story I've seen this generation. Alright, so your name is Desmond, and there's some big evil organization called the Templars and they want your ancestor's memories which are appearently genetic. So they built this machine called the Animus, which lets you relive your great-great-great-great-great...great......great....You get the point. So instead of playing as Ezio, you're playing as Desmond, who's remebering Ezio, and all of a sudden, this medieval game has become a fucking sci-fi. Why the need for such a random twist like this? Instead of just making the game based around Ezio, you have to throw in this middle man who is totally not needed, and just brings the game down whenever he's on screen.

Overall, I don't see the appeal of this game, and don't understand how it's gained such a large following. It has to be doing something right, right? There has to be something that I missed, because there's no way a terrible game can sell so much and be praised as much as Assassin's Creed is...Right?

TL;DR (In Tweet mode): 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Ezio's an alright guy, but can't climb worth shit. Desmond? Ruins the game, take him and his sci-fi out of it.
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