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E3 Approaches: The Promise

First and foremost, let's get my predictions done and out of the way.

First prediction: There will be (blood) games.
Of course we'll be seeing AAA titles like Resistence 3, Uncharted 3, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Super Mario 3DS, Mario Kart 3DS, Gears of War 3, as well other titles without numbers at the end that no one cares about.
Second prediction: There will be new hardware
With alot of attention on Nintendo's Project Cafe, I wouldn't be surprised is Sony or Microsoft also tease their next iteration of consoles, however I would be suprised if we actually got more then just a shitty tease considering they've been in the dark for so long (And since Sony can't keep their secrets together, PS4 would be leaked as bad as the PSPGo was).
Third prediction: There will be fanboys raging, and gleeing
As always, the brand diehards will over-exaggerate their new wares, while dumbing down everything else. While this is generally tiring to read, or even watch, E3 is so god damn big, and everyone watches it, that more then just your general mindless fanboy will be trashing and praising. E3 brings up the clever fanboys that always provide good quality entertainment with their opinions that even if they are wrong and exuberate such a hardcore bias, that instead of ignoring him, or hating him, you like him because he shares the passion as you even if it's directed only into a single area. (Looking at you Sexualchocolate).
That about sums it up. Every E3, these are the main events and why we watch it, love it, and anticipate the next one after it's over.

Now let's get to what's important - What I Want
As someone who is dedicated enough to a franchise to get tattoo work done about it, it's obvious I want to hear more about it. Luckily my franchise is Legend of Zelda, and there's lot of goodness to look forward to. We have the announced Skyward Sword coming up, Ocarina of Time 3D, and a teased 25th Anniversary project. Ooooo, lot's a good stuff, so of course this is the most important thing about E3. Maybe aside from Nintendo's Project Cafe.

Speaking of Nintendo's Project Cafe, that's next on my list as I always enjoy watching new consoles coming out, sitting there with lackluster launch titles to hold them off until the good stuff comes in a year later and it picks up steam. I may sound alittle bitter, but it's the promise that keeps the excitement there. (Inb4 Wii never picked up comments).

More 3DS Games! Seriously, Ocarina of Time 3D will only hold me off for so long, so I want details on Super Mario, Mario Kart, eShop and 3DSware so that I have that promise to help justify my 3DS purchase (If you took Ocarina of Time out of the picture, of course). Aside from those important things, I'll just soak in the rest of the goodness like the titles I mentioned at the beginning.

Call me crazy, but E3 is my favourite event of the year. Better than my birthday? Yup! Christmas? Yup! and it's because of one reason - The promise. While I love getting games and playing them, it can be said that the anticipation is the best part simply because it's all positive. And we've all been there - Game looks great, sounds great, but when you get your hands on it, disappointment. If you never played that game though, you'd still have that happy little kid in you about the subject.

Promise is a delicate thing, and with age, comes doubt, and with doubt, the promise fades, and we lose that hope. E3 reminds me that nomatter how old we get, no matter how many bad games you played last year, there's always promise of a better experience in the future, and that is why I love E3.
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