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Woke up this morning to find my cat slept under my Christmas tree and passed away in the night from her illness. No words for how devastated I am. Going to take some time away from Dtoid


Don't even know what to say. Don't even know if I should post. Don't wanna make everybody feel bad. My cat has kidney disease. Keep getting angry and snapping at everybody. Been crying every few hours. Fuck everything


First China comes out showing off their Soulsy looking awesome Wukong game and now South Korea showing off their Soulsy game. Asia coming out with some cool shit!


So... The Mandalorian. After last week and what happens this week... Can we just give the Star Wars movie license over to Jon Favreau?


To quote Adam Savage, Well there's your problem.




That's Spiderman done. I might even play the whole game again in New Game+ and go for the platinum. What an outstanding game. I can't wait for the sequel with both of them.


It's taken 6 months but she is finally here.


Holy shit. The first episode of the new Animaniacs has a Buck Rogers gag! And with that I am sold on the entire series.


What an absolute fucking joy from start to finish. So many Easter eggs and nods EVERYWHERE.


Well then. That was unexpected. Mona and Diona in one go


I shouldn't laugh but then I remember GAAS.


There's a life size Metapod sleeping bag cocoon thing and I want it


So precious


You did good America. You did good.


"Safety goggles" got a hearty giggle snort from me


Only having 2 days to find £500+ is pretty rough


Huuuuuuaaaaah! It's done!


Why do I have a horrible feeling that this isn't going to be easy to get...




If only it were base attack and not percentage


Insert big grin here


Playing for the first time since Summer to grind out 9 games for a skin. I forgot how much of a terrible and unfun experience playing Overwatch is and how fuckawful it's dogshit community is.


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