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Papapapa chuchuchu rappapapa~


I'm glad I said I was 95% with my anime schedule


95% sure I have my anime schedule locked in for this season.


Creepy child flasher Vs Overweight Psychic. Better than SFV.


Well that was a fun way to spend the morning. Some of those DK coins and bonus rooms are really tricky to find.


Oof this is gonna be a ride after that first episode. Some good shit airing this season!


Wooo! Yumeko is back!


Yeah! He's back!


#Backlogtoid Almost all of this shit is still factory sealed :( Lack of motivation to play anything suuuuuucks.


So precious... why must she suffer so much!


I'm so sick. My head is pounding. My nose won't stop dripping. I keep coughing. You could shower with how much sweat is pouring off me. These things are horrendous! They taste so fucking awful... but they work great. So fuck it


Woooo! I made it back with 2 days left in the season!


Monster Boy done in just under 20 hours playtime. Some parts of the game are tedious but overall what an awesome ride. One of the best games I've played all year. The anime ending cutscene is badass. I hope the after credits means what I think it does!


It's here! It's here! It's finally here! I haven't been this excited in a while.


Apparently my order is having a great vacation.


What a fun ride that was!


Because why not


Big Boss and that mother fucking son of a bitch Pauline DONE. HUAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!


How fucking long is World Of Light? I thought I was done with it and then lolnope, a whole lot more opens up. Wtf


Had a CT scan today. Not a fan of the stuff they inject in to you. Feeling like you've pissed your pants isn't a good feeling at all. Also, World of Light, Big Boss is a cunt and can just fuck off and eat a giant bag of dicks.


All the precious


FINALLY the mailman arrived!


Well that was unexpected.


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