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Its taken over 3 years but I finally did it. I've 100%'d Lara Croft Go. The only time I ever play this game is when I go to poop. I don't know how many pooping sessions its taken and I don't care to do the math, but now I need to find a new pooping game


I shit on VR a lot. I always call it a fad. I still think it is a bit of a fad but these 2 have changed my mind about it. Both are 10/10 imo. Super fun and charming VR experiences. I NEED MORE MOSS NOW! HOOK IT IN TO MY VEINS! Also fuck cloudfare


Oof what have I done


This made up for Captain Marvel. It was on clearance for £4(!!). I don't even care if the game is bad. For that price I'm delighted to now own an Isabelle amiibo. #Scoretoid


Captain Marvel is so very very meh. It's not bad it's just... pretty blah? I haven't been that bored watching a Marvel movie in a long time. One of the few Marvel movies I won't be rewatching even if it's on a flight or TV. Also #Contextoid


DMC5 is arriving tomorrow... I haven't even started KH3 yet. My backlog keeps getting bigger and bigger...


Oh my gawd she is so precious!


Amateur mistake, Coconuts


There's so many pages already


And these looked awesome too!


My new tshirts arrived in the mail. I had to buy this when I saw it because c'mon, it's bad ass. It's Mecha Seph and Cloud




AAAAAAAH! She's so precious! and thirsty


It's very very cool but OOF that price


It's such a banging remix


Day 1. It's wonderful. Those last 5 red coins were a dick to find. DxM is fun but it's gonna take me a little while to get used to those controls though...


Oh dear oh dear!


I love this so much


I may have ordered the wrong size...


I guess this is happening then.


Aaaaah! People datamined stuff! She comes with a costume which is her pigtails look! She looks so much better!


Everybody having fun with RE2 and KH3. Meanwhile here I am spending COUGH on nendos


ALL THE BUDGET! That is some sexy animation.


The important questions in life. Yay or nay?


How very tempting


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