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Build your own motorcycle game!


You're bored and the idea of playing a free motorcycle game on your tablet or smartphone with graphics that surpass the likes of Forza and Project CARS sounds like something that might interest you? I got you covered!


  • A smartphone or tablet that is capable of displaying YouTube videos. That's (almost?) all smartphones or tablets.
  • Internet that is sufficent to stream YouTube videos

You can create the game in one easy step:

  1. Display an onboard motorcycle video in full screen (a.k.a. "landscape"). There are countless of those on YouTube.

For starters, you can try this particularly exhilarating one:

Before you watch this like your regular video here's how the game works:

Try to tilt your device like you would steer it. The goal is to counterbalance the view so the horizon/road is straight aligned even when the view/bike is heavily sloped.

It's fun! And it feels a bit like you're actually steering the thing!


Q: This ain't a game! I want my money back!

A: In an age, where anything remotely interactive and/or digital that is labeled "game" counts as a game, this is a lot more game than other "games". Also try listening to your inner 6 year old, that pretended to drive stuff. He would've been super excited!

Q: Where can I submit my highscore?

A: Good question! First you need a highscore! I the only way I could think of creating highscores would be a second person with a stopwatch that records the time you're not fullfilling the game's rule.

Q: That's not an answer to the question!

A: Well at least you could do hotseat multiplayer this way (Fairness assumed. Billy: "That doesn't count! You were sloped to the left!" Bob: "Yes it does from my perspective!" Billy: "You're a dickhead!")

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