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Persona 3 contest winner.....

Lets face it, 2 people entered, 2 people tried hard, 1 had to win. Who is it? well....

Look at their entries first. (yes i'm delaying on purpose like the do on tv all the time.)

Gamegoblin To show intrest in it. With funny pics and pretty much a desperate "GIVE ME THIS CAUSE I PLAY NOTHING" response, you just feel sorry for him.

Then Miss Hinasaki Pretty much wrote a death letter about wanting the dam game. Seriously, can you guys make it any harder?

But since you 2 were the ones that did enter, and I can't even try to do a 50/50 here, It's gonna be a 100/100 win here. Both Gamegoblin and Miss. Hinasaki Win. I feel bad for Gamegoblin for having shit to play and Miss Hinasaki...well hell I don't want you to kill me if a good gropefest were to happen. (or better yet, just grope meh.) Plus really no one entered and I personally don't mind wasting a bit more of my moneh to get another and give my bought copy to the other.

So feel bad you didn't enter...or don't. My money went to a good cause I assume. (or hope.) Kids PM me your addresses so Raping and gun shooting can assure to happen soon. Cause i'm too lazy to PM you guys.
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