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A Cast of Thousands: K'Dash


K'Dash (or the name he's known by, K) is a man I can completely give love and thanks to for helping me get back into the SNK fighting game scene. Around the time of King of Fighter 2000's release (King of Fighter being KoF from here on out.), this man's face was all I saw. Was I interested? Not a damn bit. I hated this guy named "K'Dash" with a passion because everywhere I turned, his black skin/white hair/red shades showed up. I always had the "Where the hell is Andy?" question and the "Andy and/or Terry would slap this pansy's ass easily." also roaming about. But after getting heavily into emulation, I was curious to try out these new KoF games.

Even till this day I find it odd how such hate for a cool guy was even possible from me. The guy has a move called Chain Drive. One of the man's supers consists of him fucking throwing his shades at you. Who the hell throws some decent ass red shades like those at someone? I don't even like the color red but I wouldn't throw those sexy things. When I actually got a chance to play KoF 99 (his first appearance), he just reminded me of the regular shoto style character. Movewise yes, but the guy's so badass, it makes up for the basic special move inputs. When he's walking backwards, the man doesn't back up, he turnes his back towards the opponent and walks away. Hands in pocket. that's just as awesome as throwing shades at your opponent. Add the all black leather outfit and a cross for a necklace, and it's a put up or shut up ordeal here.

After the orgasmic lovin K gave me in KoF 99, I was curious to track down other past KoF and furture installments I missed. This lead me to the small emulation stintch I mention earlier. I made many SNK friend on the now dead Fighter's Generation forums which then uprooted at least 3 times to different forums (created by 1 - 3 of the surviving forum members.)that lead to sharing intrest in not only SNK gaming but everything to other games, anime, life issues/problems, or life in general. This simple character, K, started alot of things I do now on the computer. All because of curiosity in seeing how this chump played. Where has it lead me now? I can list a few bullet style things its started:

- Learning a bit in Photoshop
- the knowing of Emulation
- Just how easy it is to emulate Neo Geo console games
- Why SNK is pretty much dead pre graphics update.
- Making me a better fighting game player overall.
- A new SNK rival between me and Hito

K's done alot for me fighting gamewise and computerwise. I still can't play a KoF game as good as say Tekken or Street Fighter, but I can at least hold my own. Here's a combo vid, which as you can see if you watch, holds its own with KoF's crazy over the top combo style.

It's pretty clear K'Dash is a person I respect and cherish up there with say Sonic. But who doesn't cherish the blue blur? I've even told myself that I would Cosplay as K'dash at a convention...granted i ran into some high money for some leather. I also forgot to mention that he has one of the cutest little girls running after him in the early years of the game. Kula. The complete opposite of K in both personality, color, element (which is Ice.) and purpose to live (which is to kill K. It changes later in the series where she befriends K due to him saving her life.) I adore Kula and regard her as my "Mai" for SNK. For me, K screams "Thousands".

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