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Capcom Teases us again with...Hakan?

Because random fighting game updates is all i'm good for now in the cblogs: As seen on the front page of SRK.com Toy blanka is hiding what pretty much obviously is Hakan...so yea. Capcom can keep playing games with us with things we alre...


SSF4 new character trailer

not much we don't know already on the character piece. Just showcasing a few moves/Ultra of all new characters announced so far (along with Adon/Cody/Guy) So yea....plus you get to hear character themes added in the music..so run with it....


Tekken 6 made me scared to play. (Review)

2 years have past since Tekken 6 (now going to be T6 from here on) has raped the arcade scene. (mainly Japan an Korea) and most of us Americans in the usual non big arcade spots have been left in the cold. Only watching vids of the new Bo...


Why you should at try Dungeon Fighter Online (Review)

After reading Colette's little review and reading some of the comments, I caved in and tried it out. After having a few run ins with Nexon and Maple Story (more like Maple Grinding) I wasn't to keen on liking DFO. After playing some satur...


Zero/Joe The condor vids up. GOGOGO!

Well I'm happy. It's X Zero and not Z Zero. We can all be happy there. oh...yea...vids Zero gameplay oh yea....andJoe The condor why the hell wait for Season's Beating 4 for high gameplay vids when you can watch sub par vids now?


Hazama Confirmed for Continuim Shift

you can start dropping you mains for Hazama/Terumi now. Taken from Dustloop forums: And there's our second new playable character. It's Hazama, by the way, not Terumi. Just throwing that out there. Drive: Ouroborus - Summons and mani...


T.Hawk spotted in our SFIV. get happy.

a friend of mine who's big into fighters sent this to me earlier today...and well...look past the posing and on the screen. Capcom plans to announce news on SSF4 monday apparently...or so says Event Hubs no more speculation. Lets get re...


Blazblue Loketest underway. Nerfs/Buffs Galore!

As this is still going on in Japan, expect updates from both this dustloop thread and i'll try my best to keep this blog updated as it comes. First off, new carl portrait. (with a small look at Tager and Litchi and probably Taokaka on the s...


Looks like new Blazblue character has been spotted.

Remember hearing about Europeans getting Blazblue in 2010? well...this isn't that. This is about a Loketest test going down in Japan I believe the end of this week. Why? for that new BB patch to nerf the ever so hated top 3 (well for me jus...


SRK Saturday 360: Sorry, I'm busy Edition

it's looking really slim this week on both PS3 and 360. A lot of people are busy with school or other things. Well not me...cause i'm a bum. A bum who works during the week and has no money for college. DeBLOO hasn't posted anything yet s...


Improving game communites: Making Wrongs, Rights

The current gaming community is growing rather quickly these days. Compared to the early 90s where it was somewhat of a "hobby" or something to waste time with, it's easily able to hang with other big mediums like Movies/Television/Sports...


Ken Fighter IV! My review...

Come on..saw it coming. Want more sillyness? SRK thread here I'm super late as I said in last night's blog. but i'm super lazy and playing super catchup. After all this anticipation since the very first trailer, I say it's overall lived ...


The "Where the @W#^ you been Oni" blog

Take a silly pic of me and a hot chick. Cause I feel like it. I haven't been blogging as much lately. Too lazy and well...I think reading Mich's blog kinda make me want to NOT blog. But I'm getting the strength to blog and not play RE5 r...


36 Things you didn't know about the Oni

Ok i'll stop dodging. all the cool kids are doing it so I figure i'd do this. Not sure how or why this got big as this seems like a forum thing but whatever. Maybe we have some facebook addicts hiding within the regular cbloggers. Why 36!?...


SFIV Gen and Cammy Scans appear

Gametrailer post on the scans - Yay. more Cammy ass shot. - Gen will retain his 2 stances. Also has a anti-air super (which is a grab.) The explication for his Ultra is rather bland so i'm not even going to explain that. - Basicall...


KoF XII vids spotted in wild. Come hither.

We know the full cast (which isn't a impressive one from SNK) but we get over it. Overall the game looks awesome in play. A few of the vids. (not great quality even in high quality...but you can see.) the game itself is shapin to loo...


SFIV: Footage of Cammy in Action

Someone alert Nihon, his wife is in full 3d action...getting her assed whipped by Chun and he thunder thighs. better yet, don't let Nihon know. Either way, there you go. Not much to see but not much we don't know already. Thanks to .


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