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The Backlog

So here it is. 30 games I currently own and have not beaten. Since most of these are RPG's, the real trouble comes in picking up where I left off. Putting 20 hours in Xenogears and then picking it up after 10 years is pretty frustrating bec...


A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar

First post to the new blog. I'm planning on tackling my entire ps3/pc/saturn/wii backlog, at least every game I want to play to completion. I'm hoping that writing about my experiences on this blog will keep me motivated enough to stay on t...


About Shifty1897one of us since 7:12 PM on 04.05.2012

Shifty is an avid gamer who discovered that there was a negative correlation in his salary and his video game time, and consequently doesn't play as many games as he used to play in his college and high school days. He has become so disturbed by the rumored trends of next generation consoles that he has officially "checked out" of console gaming after the ps3/360/wii generation. He now seeks to tackle 20 years worth of backlogged games in an effort to save money, time, and his own sanity.

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