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Multiplayer in Single Player Games: To Be or Not To Be

Multiplayer, this word to gamers, of single player games, gives them nightmares of when they played Call of Duty for hours on end for what, a level and a gun both of which you will give up at max level to progress further and then repeat the process. Now I am just going to say this I have not played Call of Duty seriously since Black Ops one so I don't know what changes have been made or if my statements of this game series are wrong.

But to the topic, in the past couple years games that were single player focused also released with a multiplayer mode an example of a few are: Mass Effect 3, Assassinís Creed 2 Brotherhood, and next year the new Dragon Age is supposed to have a multiplayer mode (this is from what Iíve heard, please yell at me if Iím wrong).

Now Iím talking about this because I always hear people complain when a single player game (mostly itís a game series) adds multiplayer and they say itís going to ruin the single player experience, but in a game as story focused as most of these types of games I doubt the single player will be ruined. An example is of my personal favorite set of games, Mass Effect.

Now I didn't play the first and second games all the way through till I got it to my liking just to get the third game and only play multiplayer. Hell no I got that game at midnight put it in my 360 and played as Shepard the biotic charging, shotgun blasting, Tali'zorah romancing badass for thirty minutes. Then I woke up skipped school and played for the whole day. My point is I didn't touch the multiplayer until I was either taking a short break from the main story or finished the game.

Oh yeah and Mass Effect 3ís multiplayer is amazing just because of the freedom they give the player to build the characters, itís basically there single player leveling style in a horde mode game type. But I will say it took me awhile to like the multiplayer just because Mass Effect was always a single player experience for me.
I would talk about the other games I mentioned but Gears 2+ I havenít played and the next Dragon Age is scheduled to release in the Fall of 2014. But still think more developers should add a multiplayer mode to their single player games, not something to compete with Call of Duty, but just a good team game that uses mechanics from your single player and with nice simple objectives.

Also, the people who complain about tacked on multiplayer should really learn what multiplayer does for a single player game. All itís there for is to help the life of the game and its defiantly helped Mass Effect 3 cause tons of people still play the multiplayer (and Bioware gave all the multiplayer DLC out for free, so that rules out money grabbing).
Well Iím never good at writing endings, on anything, so Iím stopping here.
Thanks for reading.

Note: This is only my first blog sorry if itís bad, but bad or good leave me a comment to help me out and about what you think, and yes I am a Mass Effect such a fan that I cried when I finished the citadel cause i knew it was over. (I know a true fanboy right here)
P.S I cannot figure out the proper way to add photos can anyone give me tips in the comments, so sorry for the lack of photos.
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