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So I bought Sekiro when it came out last year and got as far as the Ogre on the stairs in Ashina Outskirts before throwing in the towel. I picked it up again last week and I beat Genichiro and I’m at Senpou temple wrecking monks. Absolutely loving it.


Hey all, do any of you own the New 3DS (not XL) and want one or both of these Pokémon faceplates? Free to a good home. See comments.


Gundam meisters, I need help. I want to buy, line, and build some HG 1/144 models. But I don’t know which ones. I’ll list the ones I’ve built in a comment. Please make suggestions. (Also I may be ready for experiment with RG.)


Holy shit! Kingdoms of Amalur is getting remastered! <3 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pcgamer.com/amp/kingdoms-of-amalur-reckoning-is-getting-a-remaster-in-august/


I had a lot to choose from for #depressingbutbeautiful but I wanted to do something more recent than NieR: Automata’s “Deserving of Life” video or Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”. Here’s Grimes’s best song.


First shipment of Comp. Exam books arrived. Still waiting on another 15 or so. See you in October.


Grades submitted. Semester over. Finishing FFVIIR and reading for comp exams next. Love from your third- or fourth-favorite witcher.


Who couldn't afford to back the Wonderful 101 Remaster, and what system would you have gotten it for?


Dtoid fam, I'm thinking I'd like to donate some free games to people here, but I need some ideas. See comments.


I'm going hard into paper-writing mode until the end of the semester. However, my favorite band just released their new album today, and I had to share this track because this is some fucking BOSS FIGHT music.


You're shitting me. Dr. Light was the truck driver from RE2? (From Twitter, where I've been procrastinating on my paper lately. Post your name and I'll follow you.)


The Seas of Stars Kickstarter (from the team that made The Messenger) has just updated with a new physical copy tier. I was lukewarm on The Messenger, but this project looks really promising.


NOT APRIL FOOL'S: I just bought the Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle and have some Steam keys for people who would like them. I'll list available keys in the comments; comment if you want one.


Just finished Castlevania season 3. Spoiler-ish thoughts in the comments. I will say that it made me really fucking sad.


Finishing a project, first conference presentation tomorrow morning, W101 is on Kickstarter, Castlevania is back in March, I’m going to Scotland, and Nightwish just released their new single. Let’s fucking GO.


Hot take: Vanquish is not good enough to be anything more than a cult classic. Hotter take: Neither is Astral Chain, which is Platinum’s least-fun game since Infinite Space. Hottest take: Both are better than DMC5.


We can see downvotes now? Sweet! Now I can tell that one guy who downvoted my Cyberpunk 2077 gif to fuck off. https://www.destructoid.com/here-are-destructoid-s-most-anticipated-games-of-2020-575319.phtml


Three-pack, different games: 1. "Freedom is always sacrificed to faith, good hunter. Or are you truly here by choice?" 2. "> I'm going to find the thing that's doing this and I'm going to break its heart." 3. "Hrr, knew that was gonna be a shitty story."


Dtoid fam, today I am 32-bit. I'm going to spend my favorite day of the year relaxing in the desert while watching my friend get married. Celebrate your second-favorite witcher by having a righteous day and posting Mega Man in the comments. <3


I need spoiler-free opinions: I’m maybe 15–20 hours into Death Stranding and I’m not enjoying it. I love Kojima’s work, but I don’t have enough time to play something that long and not have fun. Am I going to miss the gaming experience of 2019 i


And with two 6,000-word papers out of the way, all work is done for the semester. I have two more classes and then I am finished with coursework forever. That’s such a strange thing to say. We’re gonna play videogames now, right?


Nothing hyped me more than the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack video.


I had fully intended to stay quiet until I finished the game (I'm not even close), but my god this soundtrack is awesome. Avoid looking at the comments or related videos. This track comes from the bonus album; I'm not sure where it plays in the game.


Well. See y’all when this ends. (For those of you wondering, the back of the steelbook is just black with the KojiPro logo.)


In November 2016, Amazon had a sale on unreleased games where they were all marked down by $10. I ordered NieR: Automata, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, RDR2, and Death Stranding. I’ve watched Amazon slowly fulfill this order for three years. See comments.


In November 2016, Amazon had a sale on unreleased games where they were all marked down by $10. I ordered NieR: Automata, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, RDR2, and Death Stranding. I’ve watched Amazon slowly fulfill this order for three years. See comments.


Eastshade is really wonderful so far. In the first hour, my quests were to teach a child to paint, help a man get his head unstuck from a jar, and make a friend. I'd be more than happy to continue seeing nonviolent games in the mainstream like this.


Moments like this remind me why I’m a fervent supporter of Kickstarter.


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