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Sunday Sidequests.


My teeth tore apart the wrapper of a Sour Starburst. The hydraulics-fueled hamster wheel inside of my head spun the residential rodent around helplessly as I pondered my choices for this gloomy, terrible Sunday. Perhaps, I could call some friends. Or maybe rock out. Or I could write something. But, what to write?

Generally, I pen short stories or write rough drafts of film scripts when I have a moment; either that or I chew it over with a Twix. But today, I felt like taking an alternate route; a sidequest, if you will. See what I'm getting at?

So, welcome to "Sunday Sidequests". I hope you're bored, because that makes my article comparatively entertaining.

Today's Sunday Sidequest: Kongregate.com

"But Sheir, this isn't a flash game, have you lost your touch?"

No, Timmy. Stop eating the wall candy. Kongregate is a website with a very specific purpose. Get this; it congregates people who love flash games. Though still in beta, Kongregate's idea is one of beautiful simplicity: chatrooms in flash games. That's all. But as Kongregate's community expands, so does its ambition.

Many of the flash games boast achievements, which will net you points. In this way, you can rank up in the Kongregate hierarchy. The website promises prizes in the future, but goes into no further detail on exactly what will be rewarded. There are also weekly challenges which will earn you cards in the forthcoming Kongregate CCG, a mysterious project with little to no elaboration by Kongregate staff.

A valiant attempt at a flash game oriented community, Kongregate holds as not only a solid source for fun games, but as an interesting example of substance beating the shit out of style.

Bonus Stage: Add me as a friend on Kongregate! Click your friends tab in the top right, and add "Sheir".
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