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RPG Spotlight Contest


I'm sure it's no small surprise to hear that I'm a big fan of RPGs, what with the usual subject matter of my cblog posts, along with the banner and whatnot. However, with all the searching I've done in order to find things I may have missed along the way, along with writing up information on old favorites of mine, it's getting harder for me to find new enjoyable RPGs. Especially since the PS3 is a bit....lacking at the moment.

So here's the deal, after seeing some of the stuff that came back after coonskin's Retro gaming contest, I figured perhaps the same sort of thing would work here. (Yeah, it's a shameless ripoff, but hey, there's a prize!)

Between now and March 24th, 2008 write a blog post going into detail about an RPG you think I would enjoy. Obviously it's more worthwhile to me if it's something I haven't played before, and although it would take too long to list everything I've played, keep in mind that if it was fairly popular at all, I've probably already played it. (ie. Anything from Square, Enix, Atlus, Bethesda, BioWare, Interplay, etc). Obviously if I've already written about it, it's not worth your time to write about it again either. Also, don't bother with MMOs. Old classics I might have missed are definitely fair game though, especially since I didn't start my RPG obsession until around 1994. (Thank you, Secret of Mana!).

Some other tips:
I have access to every console in the Nintendo line sans the virtual boy, PS1-3,PSP and an XBox. Sega consoles not so much, though I did play the Phantasy Star and Shining Force games.
My computer is fairly recent, 2 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb RAM, and a GeForce 7950. It's also a laptop, so avoid things I'd need to upgrade for in order to play it.

After the end of the contest, I'll pick a winner based on which one interests me the most, so it's probably better if you go into some detail about how it plays, anything notable about it, show some pictures, etc. The prize for such a ridiculous quest? 2 Hi-potions and 150g...err... no. Any currently available game of the winner's choice, up to $50 in value, shipped to the continental US.
Yeah, I won't ship outside of the US, but I'm not MADE of money.

For ease of recognition, please title your posts with RPG Spotlight Contest: followed by the name of the game.

Entries so far:
Wizardy 8 - Shoop
Betrayal At Krondor - MaxVest
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