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I'm wondering about cross compatibility with online games between ps4 and ps5. So if half my group upgrades to the ps5 will I be able to join them online on my ps4?


Hopefully this hasn't been posted already... ;)


My first flight in IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, after building my first custom mission with the B-24. Just doing a fly-around of Hawaii on a sunny day.


I'm officially getting back into flight simulators, starting with IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946. Might even snag a Thrustmaster T flight hotas x. We got any other sim pilots lurking around Dtoid?


I'm in this weird Catch-22. I feel guilty for not being productive while being furloughed from work. That guilt is preventing me from enjoying gaming. So the result is that I've spent my unemployment drinking beer and watching The Wire.


I wonder if we're straining the Dtoid servers by scrolling through all these old posts XD #MyFirstQpost


Thanks to this quarantine I managed to beat four games. Three of em were stealth games. I'm currently playing through the entire Metal Gear series in release order, something I've been wanting to do for awhile. Hopefully I'll have some cblogs to follow.


To follow up from my previous Qpost, I think the game I'm looking for is Bushido Blade as an RPG or action/adventure game. Does this exist? Or should I just replay Onimusha?


Are there any Souls-like games where the main focus is on human vs. human combat? Sort of like a third-person sword-fighting sim?


I'm getting burnt out on games again. It happens to me at least once a month. What do you guys do when this happens to you? Does it happen to you at all?


Last night I thought I'd play Civ 5 for the first time while drunk. It was, well, difficult


I tested out a couple of free games this weekend. And, I can't believe I'm saying this, but Ghost Recon Breakpoint has really improved since the Beta. I may actually buy it. Secondly, Insurgency Sandstorm is not nearly as good as the original, sadly.


All the Arma games are on sale right now. It's also free weekend for Insurgency: Sandstorm and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It's a tornado of tactical shooters and I'm debating buying (at least) one of them. What to do?


Does anyone know the story on how Konami got the rights to do the Turbografx mini?


I'm feeling oddly inspired to play some FPS campaigns. I might try to actually beat the campaigns on Black Ops 3, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 1. Any other recommendations?


I'm having trouble forming my final opinion on Death Stranding. It's like the gameplay is way too slow but somehow still satisfying to play.


I realize the Souls games have been hyped until infinity, but certain things don't get discussed enough: the lack of music during normal gameplay actually makes the world feel more eerie. Also, the games are not as impossible as some make them out to be.


I recently started studying for IT certs, and tonight I tried teaching myself how to go into the registry editor to change my username. After a few files I got an error message, so I carefully changed all the files back. A failed yet fun adventure.


I searched for awhile for the right song to listen to and I landed on this. This song really takes me back. Time flies, eh?


Just played CS:GO for the first time, and I really was missing something.


Hello beautifuls. Been absent 4awhile. Working 2 jobs (though one of them is writing about games!), moving again, single again, working all the time, but all together I feel that mixture of exhausted and happy. Sending much love to the Dtoid community.


I love Windows Defender. It checks in with me every now and then, always to let me know that everything is cool.


I only eat salad when I have to


So Heavenly Sword is pretty cool.


I'm skeptical about the FFVII remake and I feel like I'm the only one.


Not sure why Ubi is receiving the hate. The Delta Company Community program is kind of cool. I honestly thought this year was an excellent E3 all around.


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