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I had to record myself giving a speech for my communications class and all I could think was, "Wow, I'm weird." Like, I really am that weird monotone voiced guy.


My Thursday night music choice: Seneca by Tortoise


Am I blinded by nostalgia? Or was SSX3 an incredible game all around?


Welp, I'm super into Final Fantasy Tactics


Why do I only ever work on my DiRT Rally career when it's late and I'm buzzed. I'll never get through this campaign at this rate.


Just a friendly reminder that mental health is every bit as important as physical health, and if you're struggling with either, please seek some kind of help resource. There are so many out there.


Hit me with your favorite nu metal songs.


Happy father's day to all the Dtoid dads! Here's a dad rock song for ya, Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way. What's your favorite dad rock song?


I really enjoyed the hidden gems article on Dtoid's front page. There were a lot of smaller titles announced at E3 that might have been overshadowed by bigger ones.


How many of you are gonna blast Danger Zone while playing that Top Gun DLC?


As a long time PlayStation fan, I'm kinda hoping that Microsoft pulls ahead. I'm curious to see if another console could do things better in this current era.


Gonna watch The Longest Day tonight with my dad. He's a good guy and I'm lucky to have him. So, shout out to my dad, my favorite movie-watching partner!


Hiya friends, does anyone know how to eliminate the black borders that appear in the blog editor when uploading images that are 4:3 aspect ratio (i.e. older games)?


Just a friendly tip. The area outside of Wutai in FF7 is a great place to grind. You'll wind up with tons of phoenix downs and x-potions from the enemies around there.


Shout out to the Anthony Method.


I'm going back to school again, and classes start tomorrow. I've been studying programming in my free time but I'm hoping that returning to school will give me a leap forward in that field. Just wanted to share this because, well, I'm super stoked!


Just want to say that there have been some good blogs lately, guys. I'm looking forward to my next day off so I can have coffee and read thru the rest of them.


What Dragon Quest game should I start with, guys? Any platform, any era.


It's been awhile since I posted a blog around here. What's the current rule for adding images? I remember using imgur in the past, but that doesn't seem to be working for me.


I'm playing the first Silent Hill. I didn't expect it to scare me. It has.


You can get to your PS3 Download list without going to the PS Store. Go the the PlayStation Network menu, scroll all the way up, click "account management" > "transaction management" > "download list." Boom. Thanks Radical Reggie


It's time to boot up my PS3 and have a good old man cry.


Back on the Python train and studying coding again. Working my way thru Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. We got any programmers in the Dtoid community?


I just discovered Reshade. Holy smokes. I'm using it on Il-2 1946 and it's cleaned up the graphics nicely. If you're playing any PC game that's 3D and older than ten/twelve years or so, I would definitely look into Reshade if you haven't already.


I just got on OKCupid and Match.com for the first time. These websites have the same addictive qualities as social media. Ugh. I'm checking them every ten minutes to see if I got a like or a message. Maybe I'll hold off on dating for awhile...


I know I haven't been around lately, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I hope the Dtoid community is doing ok during these times. Just promise me whatever you do today, go easy on yourself. Life is short, after all.


So, the redesigned PlayStation store still shows PS3 and Vita games, even though they announced those would be removed. Also, only some PS1 classics are searchable... For example, Mega Man Legends 2 shows up, but 1 doesn't....


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