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Another Metal Gear Online Impression

So after a bunch of problems, we are finally allowed to sample the MGO beta. What can I say, I enjoyed the experience, but still the same question I found my self asking during the ps2 incarnation comes to mind here. Is MGS suited for online play?

Well mostly, but anyone hoping for a damn good time can start jumping and partying hard.

There is really no need to talk about visuals or audio here, both are top notch as to be expected from Kojima.

For me the controls seemed a tad awkard at first, but I believe this is probably due to the fact I was playing mgs1 and 2 to kill the days the beta was closed. Anyone who has MGS or its sequels will notice that firing your weapon has been mapped to R1 instead of square, off putting at first for any Solid Snake Veteran. I soon settled to them appreciating the resident evil inspired aiming system, which became quite natural to me. The auto-aim feature however to me feels quite clunky, and at times broken. You can toggle between the two on the fly by pressing square. While I'll be sticking to the wonderful over the shoulder aiming system most of the time, the auto aim does come in handy for some easy kills when it works.

Team Deathmatch is pretty fun, and at some points even intense. The SOP system lets you sync up with other players giving a wire frame like glow around there characters, from there you can track them across the map visually as the wire frames show up through walls. It's a great idea, but the people I've played with tend to disregard teamwork altogether, instead preferring the age old head on rush to death. No one seems to use any sort of communication, either the inbuilt voice prompts, the chat system or voice com. Perhaps this is simply my own experience

The one problem is the lack of integration to the PSN, the need for a PSN account, game id and konami account is just stupid, besides that I'm having a pretty good time.
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