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Why 28 Weeks Later is a horrible movie (SPOILERS)

I just can't do this thread without spoilers, because there was so much wrong with this movie. I'm SHOCKED at the positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, from both critics and users. This movie is a steaming pile of horrid shit. Note that I thought the original was pretty sweet overall. Here are my reasons why this movie sucks balls:

The camera shook all the over the place during the entire movie. I'm not joking, it shook furiously. I thought the movie was about earthquakes at first. 28 Days Later used this "technique" but 28 Weeks Later ABUSED it.

The colors were way off...some scenes would be purely green, others would be muted and dark, and others would be completely normal. They changed it constantly and it looked like complete shit.

A huge portion of the movie wasn't even remotely believable. The guy mowing the zombies down with his helicopter? What the fuck?

What was up with their zombie-ninja dad? The zombies don't have any preferences EXCEPT their dad. He purposefully hunts down his family members, following them like an expert fucking tracker, disappearing when there is any way he could get killed. And he completely owned his wife for no apparent reason, going above and beyond what the zombies do to anyone else. AND WHAT IS WITH HIS OBSESSION WITH EYE GOUGING? The scene is practically an hour long of him gouging his wives eyes out. He proceeds to do this to many others even though none of the other zombies do. Does he not like how her eyes are different colors? Also, when he kills the medic girl towards the end he is bashing her with the butt of the gun, yet it shows her through the sniper scope. And since when did zombies use rifles to beat people?

What was with the evacuation? "OK, here's the plan. Our evacuation tactic is to lock everyone in this room. They should all be extremely safe there. Except we haven't secured the vent OR fire escape... Oh well, I'm sure they'll be fine." They must have been evacuated for maybe TEN MINUTES before the zombie breaks into the fire escape door. Wow, that is a fantastic "safe zone".

The soldier that was helping them seemed pretty smart until he decides he's going to push the car in front of the flamethrower people. Didn't he realize he could have EASILY just shot them with his gun he left in the car, THEN pushed it? But instead he decided he wanted to be set on fire while helping to start the car, which may or may not have worked in the first place. Brilliant. The only guy in the movie I had liked and he dies in the most retarded way possible.

Near the end that stupid medic bitch decides that they should descend into the pitch-black subway so that she can point her night vision sniper rifle at the children to find their way. I sure hope she had the safety on. I know that when zombies attack I prefer to not be able to see anything at all. And what kind of retards can't walk down a few escalator steps without tripping? Sure they were stepping on skeletons, but they were also holding onto the handrail. The REALLY confusing part was instead of them being at the bottom of the escalator when they fall, they just decide to run off or something instead of waiting for her. The girl is a little ways away, and the boy had just run off to who knows where. Also, she's calling their names out and they aren't responding, even when the girl is only a few yards away. Apparently they passed out for a minute after running a decent distance away from the escalator? And watch out, zombie-ninja dad followed you down!

At the end the dad bites his son (why not just gouge out his eyes?), infecting him. But of course he carries the immunity that his mom has, since their eyes are both different colors! Is that supposed to make us feel better? He can still spread the virus by kissing, or even sneezing on someone. The first time he sneezes in the food court at the local mall, the world is fucked. Boy, isn't he going to lead a fun life, never having sex, never basically even being around anybody, if the military doesn't kill him first like they were planning to do to his mom.

The ending had no explanation at all. They go from flying over the ocean escaping, to showing an empty helicopter and zombies overrunning France. I guess they escaped to France, then the kid sneezed on somebody? What a pile of shit. Did you like this movie? If someone out there did, please explain why. Obviously SOMEONE liked it because it has shockingly high reviews. It really boggles my mind. If they do a third I heard the guy that did the first one will return, since he did not do the second one. Let's hope it doesn't suck balls nearly as much as this one, because we don't have enough good zombie movies.
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