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Downloadable content coming to the Nintendo DS.


According to The New York Times, the DS will be getting downloadable content via the Wii. The article is mostly just fluff about sales numbers, the rise of the DS, basic functionality that we all know, etc. I was aware that we were going to be able to download DS demos, but I didn't imagine we would actually get new content. The first game announced to support this is Professor Layton. I don't know much about the game but the art style looks amazing, it's for the DS, and it's a puzzle game. I'm not seeing much that could go wrong there... So that you don't have to sift through all the crap, here's the part we care about:

Mr. Fils-Aime said that future DS device will be more tightly integrated with its Wii console. Complete games as well as game samplers will be able to be downloaded into the Wii using its broadband connection, and then transferred wirelessly to the DS.

A puzzle-solving game, Professor Layton, to be introduced next year, will be upgraded with new puzzles transmitted to the DS through a wireless download.

The other thing that caught my eye is the fact that it says we can download complete games. I wonder if this will be GameBoy ROMs, basically recreating the Virtual Console on the DS, or if it will be something along the lines of small (and cheap) games. Nintendo would then need to sell some kind of storage card for us to place the games on but this is great news no matter how you look at it. Now all we need is a release date for when this functionality will be fully implemented. Though the article doesn't explicitly state it, the feature will likely use the Everybody's Nintendo Channel that recently debuted in Japan.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/31/technology/31nintendo.html
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