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SNK Manuals From the Past: Art of Fighting

I used to translate old SNK manuals for their re-release on Virtual Console. I worked on a series of titles: Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters '94, Top Hunter, Blue's Journey, even Baseball Stars 2. In order to provide me with m...


The Chozo: Metroid's Stellar Panhandlers?

If you've had the fortune of playing a Metroid title, you'll surely have met the Chozo: Samus' mysterious and extinct, bird-like adoptive alien race. They picked her up as an orphan, infused her with their blood, and gifted her with a po...


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I'm yet unsure of exactly what I'll do with this space. The logical thing would be for me to describe myself or something that regards my experience with gaming. But that seems too tedious and boring, I'd rather just leave you with an image for now and let you guess what I'm actually like, or let you gather it from my writing. Someday I'll update this with something relevant.