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Rejoice! Time for Sega Commercials of Yore

Come....sit my children, and gather round for ye olde Sega commercials. Back when saturday morning tv shows were worth a damn *shakes my old man cane in your general direction* we used to enjoy the fine visual cuisine of Sega and Nintendo'...


About Shadow Heartone of us since 9:28 AM on 02.11.2014

Ed (Sahdow Heart) has been lurking around destructoid for a few years now when his other favorite gaming communities went away (1up for example). Now I am hoping to contribute to this lovely community, where "gamey" games are still appreciated.


I have been gaming since I was a *wii* lad, ahem, and I am now approaching 30 and I have found that as I have gotten older I am appreciating the golden era I grew up in for gaming, that being the early 90's through the very early 2000's.

While I still enjoy some of the stuff that comes out today, I find my backlog is ever expanding, and I am really enjoying rediscovering and newly discovering all the games of yesteryear and how they inform (or don't) inform what we see today.

I tend to be fairly opinionated about my love for gaming and my other passions, anime, and the paranormal! I have built up and run some smaller online communities centered around webcomics, anime, and gaming, and am proud to have done so, But I find myself coming here enough that I feel like contributing here as well :).

I hope you guys can embrace me into your fold, and I look forward to contributing many blog posts. And may the ever-loving robotic deity of destructoid shine his praise upon me in thy mercy.