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The Fear: Atmosphere.

"You're walking down a dark, quiet hallway, littered with debris of what was once a beautiful hotel. Weapon in hand, poised as an agitated snake, You call out; "hello? Anyone there?" With no response, you continue walking cautiously, when...


Fable II: A Critique

Lionhead studios, the studio notorious for its blabbermouth designer, Peter Molyneux, has released a new game backed by enough hype to fill a small moon...or a space station. I personally enjoyed the original Fable well enough, it had man...


Adventures in (x)boxing.

This past weekend, I had to put down a good friend. His name was Harold IV, and he was an xbox 360. This past Saturday, Harold IV's processor/video chip gave out and he stopped producing hours of entertainment and fun. Unfortunately, Ha...


Thanks, Destructoid

During my time here at Destructoid, between random hiatuses, I have come to know some of the community members for certain attributes. I look forward to hearing from most of them (even the asinine ones, believe it or not) and have assembled...


Mushroom Men

In life, I try to be a level headed, rational human being. Rarely will I jump ahead of myself, and get excited about something I haven't tried, which goes double for the video gaming world. In recent months I've followed a few titles, no...



Reviewers have called Overlord the sleeper hit of 2007, sadly overlooked by gamers of every kind. I have heard rave reviews on the title, generally placing it on the top of the scale compared to many other choice games. I have also thorou...


Wii; Hardcore Accessories

If this guy isn't hardcore, I don't know what that word means. Nintendo has picked up a bad rep in the past few years for it's apparent lack of 'Hardcore' games. Presumably meaning games like; Grand Theft Auto, where you clearly learn to...


Xbox and Screenshots

Close, but you're way off. In the past I haven't made much of an attempt at timely reviews, as I don't generally purchase games still encased in any sort of shrink wrap. Instead, I'm generally one to sit around twiddling my thumbs for 6 ...


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