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To Those about to Sell, I salute you!

For a lot of people, retail will be the first job you have. For some its a career either by choice or general comfort. It could be a decent living, until those customers that ruin your day and make you wonder why you aren't paid significantly more to deal with those times.

I was turned on to this article earlier this week, which states two phrases that destroy American society – the first, and the one I'm focusing on, is “The customer is always right.” In case you don't feel like clicking the link, this woman has a theory - that customers only treat retail employees poorly because they get away with being rude and obnoxious undeterred. (The article really is brilliant, more brilliant than anything I write, so read it anyway.)

Sloth; The deadly sin associated with apathy. Looking the other way when something needs to be addressed. (see; Boondock Saints...just don't kill anybody.)

Apathy; Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.

After about six years of off-and-on part time and full time retail jobs, I have once again liberated myself from the dredges, only this time I have been enlightened. It isn't just personally behaving in a retail environment, this time I vow to take it a step further and crusade for the retail slaves of the greater Denver area and beyond.

A personal example;

Around the holidays I was in a gamestop, when an already-angry mother came into the store looking for a Wii – which were sold out nationwide the entire season. She was told they didn't have any at that store, and snapped very loudly with a “Well, Wal-mart carries them, so why don't YOU?”

Of course, working retail at the time, I was still in the mindset that I couldn't/shouldn't say anything – though even something as simple as “thats not his fault”or “there is a Wal-mart across the street...” might have shut her up, or at least made the poor guy behind the counter feel a little better about the whole thing.

I have been in that situation before – sometimes its just a nasty comment, sometimes I was nervous books were about to become blunt weapons, sometimes I felt police should have been involved with verbal assault charges. I have been written up multiple times for standing up for myself, and its really not fair that customers get away with so much.

As a customer, my pledge to all retail employees;

If I am ever witness to anything belittling, obnoxious, or otherwise rude from a customer – I will stand up for the employees as best I can without becoming one of those obnoxious, belittling, or rude individuals.

After all, my job isn't on the line anymore, so why wouldn't I stand up for those that really can't?
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