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Paper on Violence and Video Game Addiction

This is a paper I wrote on the topic of “Internet Issues” for a Web Design class… none of it really relates to anything from the course material, but some of it has to do with the series of tubes. I got an “A” and the only comment was, ...


Good Idea, Bad Idea - Multiplayer

Now, either it was such total shit it didn't even deserve a comment of "this is total shit" or it was just bypassed by everyone; passed off as garbage intermingled in the other c-blogs of the day. Either way, it doesn't seem like anyone re...


The Pacman Family, Incest at its Finest.

Most people know and love the Pacman franchise... our elders once whiled away their time on ancient machines, trying to enter their names (or three letters) in to the annals of High Score fame. Personally, I hate the Pacman games... but th...


About ShadeWithinone of us since 12:54 PM on 01.29.2008

Shane, I play video games. Learned how to read playing video games, my imagination developed alongside video games. RPGs are my absolute favorite, the thoughtful, innovative kind... or just the kind with a fuckload of characters... Suikoden anyone? Guitar Hero 2 and 3 are my newest shit, just started training for Dragonforce on Expert. I write in sporadic dialects, so forgive the thug/southern/educated fluctuations, that's just how I roll. Also if you couldn't tell, I enjoy anime, namely Naruto atm. If my laptop could handle WoW it would probably be sucking away my life right now, fortunately I can only play Diablo II, so the life-leeching is restricted.

Top 10 Games that I can think of right now, in no particular order:
1) Suikoden II
2) FF V, VI, X, XII, Tactics
3) Champions: Return to Arms
4) Baldur's Gate II (PC)
5) Valkyrie Profile
6) Ogre Battle
7) Chrono Trigger
8) Kingdom Hearts I
9) Guitar Hero II, III
10) Symphony of the Night